AHEC Holds Workshop on Resolution of State of War between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the U.S.

On June 14, 2021, the Association of Hawaiian Evangelical Churches (AHEC) held a workshop on 128 Years of White Supremacy in Hawai‘i. AHEC is an association of 30 native churches and 6 partnerships that include, as partnership ministries, the State Sunday School Association, Pacific Justice and Reconciliation, Kamehameha Schools, State Council of Hawaiian Congregational Churches, Christian Endeavor and the Pacific American Ministries.

AHEC is a successor of the ‘Ahahui ‘Euanelio o Hawai‘i, also known as the Hawaiian Evangelical Association, that was established in 1854 in the Hawaiian Kingdom. Well known churches such as Kawaiaha‘o and Kaumakapili are members of AHEC.

The workshop was intended to explain AHEC’s Resolution Encouraging to End 128 Years of War Between the United States of America and the Hawaiian Kingdom. The resolution was submitted by AHEC of the Hawai‘i Conference United Church of Christ to be considered at the 33rd General Synod of the United Church of Christ in July 2021.

Presenters included Wendell Davis (AHEC Papa Makua), Ron Fujiyoshi, Pualani Muraki, Kalaniakea Wilson, and special guests Joyclynn Costa, Rev. Dr. David Popham, Dr. Ron Williams, Dr. Keanu Sai.

7 thoughts on “AHEC Holds Workshop on Resolution of State of War between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the U.S.

  1. Truly remarkable dynamics! The legal mobilization of Hawaiian independence is coming to fruition in the face of the doctrine of discovery.

  2. Awesome! Kanaka! We give our hearts and souls to AKUA for his many blessings in guiding his researchers towards identifying who we are as Hawaiian Subjects,…and, to our lahui..”UA MAU KE EA O KA `AINA I KA PONO”,-home, sweet. home!
    *Me ke aloha poina `ole,
    OHANA Kupau from Pukuilua-Hana, Maui–2021

    • Beautifully stated Cecelia. It is with my sincere prayer that all churches preaching the Word of Almighty God will heed the call of truth and join the lāhui in fervent prayer to break the chains of greed and white supremacy.

  3. Information provided was what we Hawaiians, and those Hawaiian in heart needed to know about our history We 96% of us do need to change to be at their level. Touches the heart deeply, how awesome the Hawaiians were in those days. .Above and beyond many who lived in America.

    Lets keep Prof Kianu Sai and all those who are being charged with illegal slander and lies because of his financial astuteness to help us restore the Hawaiian King.

    • I concur wholeheartedly with your comment but it’s ‘Keanu’ and it’s the ‘Queen/Kingdom’ that must be restored pursuant to her majesty’s private international contract made with President Cleveland. We must always support those who stand in their correct deportment and take up our state’s rights issues under public international law!

      • It is the Office of the Monarch (Head of State) that needs to be restored. Since the Queen is deceased and no successor was confirmed the legal process for filling that position will take precedent regardless of gender.

  4. Aloha, I believe the successor as no heir to the kingdom was left that He/She who is of ancestral line and demonstrated fair, equal, and just leader who has shown great commitment to the land the people and the community with strength and dedication to protecting our resources, ensuring our sustainability, and upholding our rights. Mahaloand sorry for the late response.

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