A State of War Between Hawai‘i and the United States Now at 121 years

Under international law, war does not only apply to belligerent States, but also applies to neutral States whose territories have been invaded and occupied by one of the belligerents in its course of war with the other belligerent. According to Oppenheim’s International Law (7th ed.), p. 685, “hostilities against a neutral [State] on the part of either belligerent are acts of war, and not mere violations of neutrality. Thus the German attack on Belgium in 1914, to enable German troops to march through Belgian territory and attack France, created war between Germany and Belgium.” While Belgium was occupied by Germany from 1914-1918, Belgium was, for the purposes of international law, also at war with Germany during the occupation.

By the 1839 Treaty of London, Great Britain, Austria, France, the German Confederation, Russia, and the Netherlands recognized Belgium as an independent and perpetual neutral State. Under international law, a neutral State cannot wage war but is limited to the defense of its territory. During World War I, Belgium’s neutrality was violated by Germany in its war against France.

When “neutral territory becomes the region and theatre of war, and is militarily occupied by a belligerent, the occupant does not possess such a wide range of rights with regard to the occupied country and its inhabitants as he possesses in occupied enemy territory,” states Oppenheim, p. 241. “He can indeed resort to all measures which are necessary for the safety of his forces; but he cannot exact contributions or appropriate cash, funds, and realizable securities which are the property of the neutral State.”

Like Belgium, the Hawaiian Kingdom was a neutral State explicitly recognized in its treaties with Spain in 1863 and the Kingdom of Sweden and Norway in 1852. Article 26 of the Hawaiian-Spanish treaty, states “All vessels bearing the flag of Spain, shall, in time of war, receive every possible protection, short of active hostility, within the ports and waters of the Hawaiian Islands, and Her Majesty the Queen of Spain engages to respect, in time of war the neutrality of the Hawaiian Islands.”

On April 25, 1898, war broke out between the United States and Spain, and fighting between the armed forces of both belligerents took place in the Spanish possessions of Guam and the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean, and Cuba and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Ocean. The next month, United States naval convoys entered Honolulu harbor to re-coal their ships on their way to fighting in the Philippines. This action taken by the United States naval forces was a direct violation of Hawai‘i’s neutrality under the Hawaiian-Spanish Treaty, which prompted a formal protest by the Spanish Vice-Consul H. Renjes June 1, 1898.

The Spanish protest declared, “In my capacity as Vice Consul for Spain, I have the honor today to enter a formal protest with the Hawaiian Government against the constant violations of Neutrality in this harbor, while actual war exists between Spain and the United States of America.” The last battle was fought on August 13, 1898 when U.S. forces captured the city of Manila, and the war officially ended on December 10, 1898 when a treaty was signed in Paris.

As a result of United States intervention in 1893 and the subsequent creation of a puppet government, calling itself the provisional government and later renaming itself the Republic of Hawai‘i, the United States took complete advantage of its own creation in the islands during the Spanish-American War.

“Puppet governments are organs of the occupant and, as such form a part of his legal order,” explains Krystyna Marek in Identity and Continuity of States in Public International Law (2nd ed.), p. 114. “The agreements concluded by them with the occupant are not genuine international agreements, however correct in form; failing a genuine contracting party, such agreements are merely decrees of the occupant disguised as agreements which the occupant in fact concludes with himself. Their measures and laws are those of the occupant.”

According T.A. Bailey, whose article “The United States and Hawai‘i During the Spanish-American War” was published in The American Historical Review (1931), “The position of the United States was all the more reprehensible in that she was compelling a weak nation to violate international law that had to a large degree been formulated by her own stand on the Alabama claims. Furthermore, in line with the precedent established by the Geneva award, Hawaii would be liable for every cent of damage caused by her dereliction as a neutral, and for the United States to force her into this position was cowardly and ungrateful. At the end of the war, Spain or cooperating power would doubtless occupy Hawaii, indefinitely if not permanently, to insure payment of damages, with the consequent jeopardizing of the defenses of the Pacific Coast.”

Bailey’s reference to the Alabama claims was an international arbitration case between the United States and Great Britain in the city Geneva that centered on Britain’s violation of neutrality by building war ships for the Confederate States in America’s Civil War. One of these ships was called the C.S.S. Alabama. The arbitral tribunal concluded the British violated the international law of neutrality and had to compensate the United States $15.5 million dollars for all damages inflicted by the ships built in Great Britain.

“Although the [Hague] conventions expressly apply only to the occupation of hostile or enemy territory, …it is usually held that they apply also to the forceful occupation of neutral territory,” says Gerhard von Glahn in The Occupation of Enemy Territory, p. 12. “Thus provisions of the applicable articles should have been mandatory in their application to the German occupation of Denmark, Norway, and other countries neutral at the time of their invasion by the forces of the Third Reich.”

In 1893, President Grover Cleveland reported to the Congress ““on the 16th day of January, 1893, between four and five o’clock in the afternoon, a detachment of marines from the United States steamer Boston, with two pieces of artillery, landed at Honolulu. The men, upwards of 160 in all, were supplied with double cartridge belts filled with ammunition and with haversacks and canteens, and were accompanied by a hospital corps with stretchers and medical supplies. This military demonstration upon the soil of Honolulu was of itself an act of war, unless made either with the consent of the Government of Hawaii or for the bona fide purpose of protecting the imperiled lives and property of citizens of the United States. But there is no pretense of any such consent on the part of the Government of the Queen, which at that time was undisputed and was both the de facto and the de jure government.”

Failing to carry out the executive agreement of December 18, 1893 to reinstate the Hawaiian Kingdom government negotiated between U.S. Ambassador Albert Willis and Queen Lili‘uokalani, the United States allowed their puppet government calling itself the provisional government to remain in existence. On July 4, 1894, the name was changed to the Republic of Hawai‘i, then renamed to the Territory of Hawai‘i on April 30, 1900, and then the State of Hawai‘i on March 18, 1959.

Since the admitted “act of war” was committed by the United States on January 16, 1893, the Hawaiian Kingdom has been in a state of war with the United States now going on for 121 years. This is the longest state of war between States in the history of international law since the Thirty Years’ War that established international law as we know it today through the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia.

Despite the prolonged and illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom, international law provides for its continued existence, especially in light of its legal status as a neutral State, and the failure of the United States to comply with international law, the international laws of occupation and international humanitarian laws. The Proclamation of the acting Council of Regency provides the legal foundation for the United States’ compliance to international law in light of 121 years of violation.

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  1. Mahalo for creating the enactment that allows the U.S. to start the de-occupation process. They needed that just as much as we did.

  2. Waiting to hear from the Pacific Command…
    Waiting for the USA to own its crimes…
    Waiting for the reestablishment of Hawaiian Kingdom laws…

  3. The American Historical Review (1931), comes to vision after 121 yrs. of unchecked U.S. Constitutional Oppression, FM 27-10 Belligerent Occupation, International Laws, International Laws of Occupation, International Humanitarian Laws, have been codified and judicated amongst all civilized societies bequeath unbridled reprehensible injustices, brought to the for front for all to see clear……

  4. Better pule for a miracle,cause the ha/ole imperialist ain’t going to give up the goods,just look at what they are doing in Syria,Afghanistan,Iraq,and the whole Middle East,and all the other war crimes,and disregard for international laws that they have committed for a very long time.The Arabs had it right when the called America the Great deceiver.Aole to American imperialism and their greed and disregard for others.

  5. Proclamation Decreeing Provisional Law , A State of War Between Hawai‘i and the United States Now at 121 years I get it and totally support it. My question is why have I not read or seen anything about this from other Independent groups or news such as the ‘Hawaii Independent’ news, Bumpy’s Hawaii Nation or Henry Noa, any Kings or Queens all I have heard is what is said on this Blog. Why do some Hawaiian Independent groups who can only talk negtive about Dr.Keanu Sai’s work. Dr. Sai does it for Love of Country! not money or prestige. I am confused and at times frustrate with so many follow me cause I am the way. Will we all just come together as one? that is what it will take to complete this process.
    Mahalo for all your hard work and personal sacrifices Dr. Sai. You will be down in the History books and be known as the one that made it all possible for Hawaii to be free from American occupation.


    • Aloha Ringo,I am a kanaka national,part of the LHG,and Mr. Noa is the prime minister and I think that he and Keanu are brother in laws.I have never heard Henry say anything against keanu or any other nation seeking entities,in fact he is trying to bring all advocates to the table to unite under one agenda or our beloved flag.What a lot of people think is ,that he is self appointed when in fact the LHG has since the start been open to all people to reclaim their perfect right under the law of nations and HKG laws to their true status as nationals of their homeland.They held open elections and we held roadside vigils to educate people,about their rights,cause no matter who pukas thru we are all of the koko and all victims of American imperial desires. Hapai au,hapai oe iluna kakou.

      • Lono, I have nothing personally against Henry Noa or the LHG. I actually have friends who are members and know them to be very passionate.
        I have posed two VERY important questions to the LHG and no one cares to respond. I even posed it to someone who appeared to be Henry Noa, on this blog. Maybe you can answer the questions.
        Where in the 1864 Hawaiian Constitution does it grant the legislative body the power to dissolve the office of the monarch and create a Prime minister?
        Second, If you sign their Allegiance form, swearing allegiance to their 1999 constitution(not recognized by any nation), wouldn’t you be waiving your rights, protected under the 1864 Constitution.
        Please break the silence. Otherwise, to me,it looks like the LHG has egg on their face and they don’t want.to admit it.
        I’m not saying this to admonish anyone. Our people deserve the TRUTH.
        I will continue ask these questions where ever people promote the LHG, until they are answer. Otherwise it looks like more of the same.

        • Aloha Tim,first question 1864 constitution,I’m the wrong person to ask as I’m not a government official of the LHG,and to speak truthfully I’m not versed in its content.
          Second question,all I signed was that I would I renounce my so called citizenship to Amerika since it was illegal to start with.
          Third if you want to really get down why don’t you call Mr.Noa personally I’m sure he would be more than willing to enlighten you in regards to his views.But my feelings are that we all want freedom,at least those of us who are not part of the state controlled OHA,and if you really look within you must know that the USA wants us to fight each other and in that way keep us divided,so we won’t unite,and it’s not about education so much about realizing that we need our nation back.
          But if you re read my response to Bruddah Ringo,at least Henry is making a stand,just like keanu,andBumpy,Kekuni,and no I give up none of my rights willingly to the-occupiers of my homeland.Lastly Henry might not be doing things right under international law,but I don’t see Keanu busting down any doors,so far nothing just a lot of words,I realize he has the degrees but that don’t mean anything,but like I said I hope someone who cares for the signers of the KUE petitions makes it happen,who knows maybe you,with humility Lono.

          • Thanks for the reply, Lono. I would recommend that YOU contact Henry Noa, since you are a member and promote membership.
            I read the forms handed to me to become a member and one of them was the allegiance form. Another thing to consider, doesn’t the LHG turn over their documents to the State of Hawaii. I’m just saying know what your selling and what your signing, it could come back and bite you.

          • Tim,I don’t need to contact Mr. Noa,and no I don’t promote membership,and no they don’t send as far as I know anything to the state,they accept no money from the state,and all documents are sent to the state department of the USA,and no I’m not worried about being bitten as the state of hawaii and the U.S. are already biting all of us.But Tim you have free choice follow your naau,I don’t care what you do,and won’t argue with you

  6. The only way for us to be united we need to look at our own history, beyond the overthrow, beyond the missionaries and their religions and beyond Kamehameha and before the Tahitians.

    We need to apply what our ancient ones knew in everyday life and only after we look into ourselves we will understand.

    Along your way you will receive the spiritual teachings that requires no prayers or chants. You will be enlightened and feel what has been in your dna all this time. No one person can bring us together only the ancient way of living can. Also do not get fixated on one thing or that enlightenment will be gone, variety is very good for keeping your spirit enlightened.

    Hawaiian Kingdom is real and it is here and I have no doubt but the government and its people need to seek Ancient Hawaiian. Only then we will be on the same page living in peace and harmony among each other. The only Sin is never hurt another human being mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually….

    Aloha Aina
    Aloha Kanaka

    • Aloha Capt.its reminds me of the book called TALES OF THE NITE RAINBOW,written by a Mr. Koko Willis,where his tutu wanted them to know the true history of our homelands and how we are all born into this world with a calabash full of light,and thru our actions,we either remain full of light or our calabashes fill with pohaku and thus diminish our light,and that our true identity is that we are light beings,and thru living aloha we become enlightened like the spiritual masters that have spread that teaching since small kid time.Hapaiau hapaioe Luna kakou.

      • Aloha Lono his tutu was very truthful and right. It is very important to seek our ancient Hawaiian beliefs, for that is the truth. Anyone who seeks it will understand it and share it for there is all peace and unity. Balance In life is key. I found it, I live it, and I am as free as anything I want to be. Seek it is all I can say. If anyone believes it he shall recieve it. Its up to each individual to apply it for it is in Life within us as well as around us. Sorry metaphoric words that it is written in makes it difficult but that’s the way it is. Nobody’s wrong and everybody is right we jus have different interpretations. The best part is the education is free. And when you tap into it your thoughts will answer your own questions. I can share my journey with whom ever but my journey may be different from others. The people of the Hawaiian Kingdom needs it to lessen the struggle and challenges of everyday Life. We were created to not have pilikia amongst ourselves as well as everything around us. Seek it and you won’t have to ask me a single question. But I will help if you have difficulties.

        Malama Kupono

  7. We are all born with unalienable rights (cannot be sold or transferred)
    Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech, etc…
    These inherent rights come from the Creator (KeAkua/God).
    We are free. Our freedom is complete, natural and without limitation.
    We are bound only by three natural/common laws, that we must obey.

    Be truthful. Do no Harm. Honor your agreements.

    Governments derive their just powers from the truthfully informed consent of the governed. The institution known as government is supposed to help protect our
    freedoms and unalienable natural/common law rights. Nothing more.

    The American Declaration of Independence and the Hawaii Declaration of Rights (1839) are the common law foundations of both our sovereign nations.

    All rules, statutes and regulations from any government (man made institutions) that attempt to remove our unalienable rights are null and void. Know your rights and responsibilities. Live free and be pono.

    Mahalo Ke Akua!!

  8. It makea better sense now why Spain was the only country who responded to a filing in the past. They have good reason to keep an eye on this.

    • Ok, now I’ve been looking for the document I was thinking of and can’t find it. I’m wondering if it had to do with the lawsuit Sai v. Obama, et al. Anyway, I recall Spain being the only country that said they would take the matter under advisement. I thought it was very “progressive” of them. Now I see it is their due diligence. : )

      It’s so exciting to see “history” come alive! Spain, U.S., occupied Kingdom Of Hawaii… Only a shameful history is buried. Hope the courts, intl. high makamakas, etc. have archeology degrees. Lol.

  9. Aloha Lono, I’m going to be very blunt regarding the LHG and it’s elections. There is no lega doctrine and no Hk law that allows for private non-governmental citizens to conduct gov’t elections. This is one of the key mistakes in the LHG creation. Everyone knows that gov’t elections are to be conducted by gov’t officals. The legal doctrines and principles regarding necessity has limitations and what the LHG did after they got so called elected violated those doctrines and principles. Especially when HK law does not allow for it. However, HK law does have a provision in it that allows for a Regent or a Council of Regency to be established in the absence of a monarch. This whole process was vetted by international venues that the AHKG entered inorder to accomplish the necessary goals for the HK. They agreed that the process the AHKG used was valid according to legal doctrines, principles and HK law. You can argue with us all you want about LHG and their elections it does not really matter. Go and get vetted at an international venue like the World Court or the United Nations General Assembly office of the President and see if your arguement will allow you access to file a case in the ICJ or an arbitration or a protest in the UN Gen. Assem. then you would have proven your point and no need to argue.

    • Aloha Kekoa,like I said to Mr.Reis,you have free choice I’m not advocating any to you or Tim,I made my choice you are free to believe what you want,and choose what you do or think,I have no beef with anyone on this blog.Like I said I hope someone makes a breakthrough whether it is Henry,Keanu,Bumpy,Kekuni,heck maybe you or Tim,it doesn’t matter,I just want to live till I make as a freeman.

      • I like to think a majority of the people here just looking to educate, be educated and share perspectives and comments. I don’t think people are wanting to fight or put anyone down. The more you learn, the more you realize if we were all united today, this would end tomorrow.
        With that being said, your first comment resonates the same tone of division that I have heard from different people, some from the LHG. This is an area of concern for me, as it only aids the occupier and impedes our progress.
        This is not a race. It won’t be done by Henry, Bumpy or anyone other than the Acting Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom. They are the only Hawaiian voice at the table and have played their hand. Now it is up to us to support their educational campaign and prepare to engage in the process to fulfill the wishes of the signers of the Ku’e Petitions, our Queen and everyone who died fighting for the truth and saw no justice.
        Like you said, we get to choose. Not every Kanaka going to choose to accept their kuleana. I hope I am wrong.
        Mahalo for your input Lono.

  10. Great history lesson. I found how these turn of events connect to our (temporary) detriment; very interesting. These actions were part of the conspiracy to undermine our neutrality from the very beginning. It is a road map supporting their military attack against Spain and consequently winning the war. But to do that, they needed a port. Our Queen, as Head of State planned to return the power back to her people. If she had her way, our government would still be in place and the 1864 Constitution would be in place, not the Bayonet Constitution which basically stripped us of our rights. But it was not to the advantage of the conspirators. As we learn, it’s clear that with the help of Stevenson these chumped up charges was to stop the Queen‘s authority.

    The USA had issues with Spain. With the help of the insurgents, they would have an advantage over Spain by occupying Hawai`i. The USA sacrificed their Treaty of Friendship with the Kingdom when they violated it. It was blatantly disregarded and seen as having less value over their win in the Spanish/American War. If I am wrong, why was an investigation not ordered to investigate the purported allegations presented by the Committee of Safety before the invasion? That would the process of International Law. Instead they chose to invade our peaceful and neutral country. Their plan began way before the Overthrow. And finally after 121 years the truth is out.

    I need clarification on two things that I do not understand. I understand it is related to Germany’s occupation of Belgium and the Alabama Claims respectfully, but I’m not sure how or why. Please help me connect.

    1. Paragraph 8, last sentence: … Spain or cooperating power would doubtless occupy Hawaii, indefinitely if not permanently, to insure payment of damages, with the consequent jeopardizing of the defenses of the Pacific Coast.”

    2. Paragraph 11, last sentence: …were both the de facto and the de jure government.” Please explain the differences between the Queen vs. the SOH/USA being the de facto government.

    Mahalo for your response.


  11. Dear Acting Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom it is time that you notify all entities under U.S Govt as well as all others through media. Because people are not seeking to look within themselves and walk the truth they will continue to run recklessly claiming sovereignty. The people want Hawaiian Kingdom like little kids wanting candy, yet they dont know that the candy has NO LIFE, PEACE, UNITY

    Seek your ancient Hawaiian beliefs and others who had the same and walk like them..

    I am serious and I am getting angry because people are negatively hurting themselves as well as others.

    If you let go of your own fears then you will seek me for I have the information we all need.

    The book of Revelations is here and we all will live, nobody will die if each of you look into your own hearts and mind.

    I look forward to having a meeting with you

    The meaning GOD is within you, so look within yourselves
    stop praying and chanting to gods and things for fruitless crap
    Our ancient ones like Jesus, buddha, Moses, Confucius, and others were trying to teach you to look at yourselves and you will find GOD

    Revelations is here and its real

    Malama yourself and find GOD within yourselves
    Malama Honua

    • i will be speaking to your church, and your families churches, friends churches, all churches and to those who shall seek and explain what Lord Jesus was teaching all of US, i will come swiftly, even so, Amen

  12. like Keanu said when you ask a Hawaiian to look into the future he looks to the past and I did, not knowing what I would find and keeping an open mind not hurting anyone emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I will start in Hawaii because of the diversity of churches. if you attend a particular church, i can come and share, I come in peace and love with knowledge of Lord Jesus, Amen

  13. Aloha Capt:
    Your voice has not gone unnoticed, you speak the gospel truth obtained from personal experience. True leadership of knowledge it”s rare in the Free World.The Acting Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom has been apprising and vetted are issues to the pertinent decision makers of he United Nations General Assembly, it is a mammoth task I usher you, just to mention a few. Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Directorate of International Law, Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law, International Committee of the Red Cross, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, International Criminal Court, The War Report At no time has Dr. Sai been idle if anything he has been ramping up with just pure facts only the truth nothing else. ” He is the Chosen One ” Note: what sets Dr. Sai apart is he can not be bought so take notice too all the haters look and weep destiny is upon you! Its shameful no remorse, no guilt, no feeling, no compelling compassion for any man, just a empty shell of greed and deceit is this whats left of the society we once new. Let come together as one, strength in numbers not fearing the unknown, but embracing the future. For we shall stand tall and be proud. As are two worlds collide there can only be one victor. Center stage is upon us for all the world to see TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS OVER EVlL. So say good bye to the bad guy…….. Peace mahalo

  14. Aloha Lono, I agree with you that we all have a personal choice to do what we want as long as it does not violate the law. Your individual choice is ok and you can always make another choice later. However, when someone or a group chooses to create a gov’t then their choices have legal consequences and ramifications. Their hearts may have been in the right place and had good intentions for doing it and that is understandable. However, once they have knowledge that it was not done lawfully and refuse to correct the situation then it becomes their liability. Let’s take your approach and it say it doesn’t matter who breaks through just so long as you are free from the occupier. That’s fine for you, no liability. What about the ones claiming to be a gov’t and were wrong. That could have all kinds of consequences, especially if they were interfering with the ones that were lawfully ending the occupation. This could be a big problem for them politically if they choose to run for office in a Dejure HK gov’t election. Would you vote for someone who did not know what they were doing in the first place. Their opponents would make that an issue for sure. Do you want to elect someone who has no idea how the system works and had a chance to make corrections but was to hard head to do the right thing. Better to make adjustments now and support what is working. It’s a win-win situation politically speaking and you get to leave the liability alone instead of dealing with it after the occupation ends. MHO

  15. Please, we need to keep our eyes on the ball, its not about what others have claimed or done, its about what you have done or are doing for your own families, communities and Kingdom. Keep in mind governments are created for the purposes of peace for the governed, at least for the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, if this proclamation as it appears, opens up the doors for the Hawaiian Kingdom government than please provide some contact information so we the people of the Hawaiian Kingdom can begin to register our injuries both past and present;

    We all have an obligation as poe kanaka Hawaii to record the wilfull & malicious unjust treatments suffered by kupuna and ohana, I don’t possess a degree in law, but i don’t want to forget that the US government and its citizens, its military and the heirs of those treasonous criminals (Dole, Thurston, etc) are today continuing these High Treasonous acts that have given rise to a number of other violation both domestic and international for at least the past 121 years;

    Today, as I understand, the doors to the Acting Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom is open, it has filed formal complaints in the US District Courts, UN Security Council, ICC, etc and have provided a proclamation not just for those who have failed at upholding their obligations prescribed under international laws, but also for those Hawaiian subjects who have been exercising their rights as kanaka Hawaii who want to register their injuries;

    So please provide some contact information as to where our complaints and injuries can be recorded, once again mahalo for all that you are doing;


  16. Just like our ancestors before us we go on to new things;
    Evolveing and adapting not knowing what new brings;
    To not was to die and get left behind;
    But to look to the future one must press rewind;
    Not to forget but yet to learn;
    To grow and let our fire burn;
    So one day when we become kupuna;
    We pass our manao to the moopuna;
    Akuas will Akuas way;
    Aloha ke Akua Hawaii Nei;
    A pau. Aloha!

  17. This is not Henry to settle any confusion.
    I am ohana.
    I follow the truth.
    Some of the comments on this blog is of a circus.
    Where were all you know it alls this whole time.
    only when u can hide behind a screen name u now know it all.
    If u dont have nothing positive to say dont say it.
    This blog is for educational purposes is it not?
    Nont starting debates.
    Find the truth for youself. But dont knock the fellow person for walking another path.
    our sittuation is very unique and requires tremendous reeducation.
    With that said
    Leave the teaching to the teachers.
    And the learning to the students.

    Mahalo Ke Akua
    Mahalo na kupuna
    Mahalo AHKG

    Like capt said on his comment. We need to look pass kamehameha. Pass the tahitans arriving to our islands. Lets say the year 300ad(scientist first say inhabited)-1300ad(arival of paao and the kapu system)
    Thats some awsome years
    May this read be good to you – God of light God of darkness by Dainel Kikawa. Great to me!!

    • With the irrefutable evidence that Dr. Sai has provided and various international agencies have confirm to be true, if Oha is to cease and decease from what they are doing because not only is it going against the Hawaiian Kingdom Government that was illegally overthrown, but that their actions can also lead to criminal implications…..I believe that those who are making their own claims to the thrown recruiting followers along the way or those who are forming their own so, called governments with elections that are invalid need to do the same or face the same consequences because the committing of a War Crime and/or Treason applies to everyone equally no matter how honorable your intentions may have been.

      What we did in the past to make the wrong right was a part of the process to one day be able to get us on the right track. Now that we have found the way through the Acting Hawaiian Government we must let go of what we thought to be the right path and to get on board with the path that our Queen and our kupuna had always known to be the only true and pono way to make the wrong right through International Law and the Laws of Occupation.

      The acquiesce by the United States is a clear indication that we are indeed on the right path!!!

      It is never easy for people to let go of something that they have worked so hard to create, but if there is a path that is proving to be right and true way……letting go is the right and pono thing to do.

  18. Too, there are those who believe in the Old Religion(s) and are not Christian that love, honour, and work to see the Kingdom of Hawai’i free and independent; alive with activity, and the exit of the occupiers….Blessed Be!

  19. George Helm, Walter Ritte, Keanu, Skippy, Kaliko, Dexter, Henry, Bumpy, Uncle Albert, Uncle Robert, Uncle Abel, Uncle Sam, Aunty Simbra, Aunty Dutchy, Aunty Moani, Pua and Kalani, and so many many more….MAHALO!

    All were then and are still today, truth seekers leading the way, inspiring others with the awareness, knowledge, and courage to stand up for that which is righteous and pono.


    And yes, as we all know…
    The true political status of Hawai’i is: A prolonged and illegal military occupation by the United States for over 121 years.

    And yes, Hawaiian Nationals of all races have spoken in packed houses, throughout the islands, at 15 Department of Interior meetings. We know what happened then and continues to happen now in our beloved Hawai’i nei. Almost overnight, it seems the political landscape and understanding of the People have changed.

    We don’t need any more “acquiescence” proof that we are lawful in our own country.
    Statutory legalities crafted by corporate agents are null and void!

    The legal matrix of lies and fraud has captured well intentioned people on all sides.
    It has fooled well meaning Americans and Hawaiians everywhere.

    If we are going to hand over control of the Fake State of Hawai’i to the US military,
    then beware brothers and sisters! Before we do that, we must make sure that we handle this diplomatic exchange in total transparency and integrity.

    From here on out….Are we dealing with representatives of the American constitutional republic, or with USA Inc. (USC defines United States as a “Federal Corporation”)

    Good people and patriots, military and civilian, who have “authority,” must honor their common/natural law oaths to the organic united States Constitution, and in our case, the original Hawaii Declaration of Rights 1839.

    For this transition to happen lawfully and pono, we must move in unity, and in accordance to Ke Akua’s Law. (God, the Governor of the Universe)
    No more corporate fiction jive.

    Aside from that, let us rejoice together, be vigilant, and so very grateful, for all that has been brought before us. Good people in America and Hawai’i and the World will benefit from a free and independent HAWAI’I.


  20. Aloha Tim, Kekoa and all!
    Just food for thought!

    With the current Proclamation by the acting government, should tomorrow, several treaty nations abide by non-recognition of the U.S. presence within our Kingdom, and the day after the protecting power arrives to negotiate with USPACOM under 1907 HCIV, 1949 GCIV and IHL. And the day after USPACOM creates a commission to administer the laws of this kingdom. How will we, each one of us, help with this transition. In government? In court cases? In doing lawful business? Are we ready to transition our lives?

    What was old will now be new!

    • Definitely something to think about. For me cultural restoration, reforestation of native plants and organic farming have been my focus over the last 6 years, I think I will be OK and welcome the changes.

      Can you provide examples of the changes to our current t existence that might occur, under military occupation and a Doctrine of Necessity?

      I do get impatient, but catch myself. What saves me is re-focusing on my cultural projects and education

  21. Aloha Tim!
    1 example is our current land court system transitions into a kingdom court. Many issues will need to be reheard under the Civil Code 1886. No title. No proper filings in the Bureau. No proper lawyers. Even, pro se litigants may be questioned. Many new heirs may be recognized. So, we can cautiously start a new.

    You mentioned cultural restoration, reforestation of native plants and organic farming. YOU may wish to address certain issues with DLNR or the land office or whatever they are called to ensure Hawaiian law addresses your rights. Be prepared to deal with Hague Convention IV and FM27-10. As long as “…acts in furtherance or in support of rebellion or collaborating against the Hawaiian Kingdom, or intended to defeat the just rights of the citizenry and residents under the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and other acts of like nature, must, in general, be regarded as invalid and void;…”. Focus, get involved!

    • Thank for the input, maltbie. I like to think I am involved, by educating and my research of stone artifacts. There is a HUGE void regarding stone implements of the Kanaka Maoli, part of the cultural restoration. I am no longer afraid to challenge illegalities that become obstacles, but I am taking advice from Kekoa. Why put youself in a court system that is illegal, if you don’t have to.
      Currently, I am working on Crown lands, so I think I would have a strong argument.
      Once we have a protecting power, then I would feel more comfortable about pushing some other issues and projects.
      Would be nice if each community had access
      to a small fleet of wa’a(canoes) that could be used for recreation, sustenance and travel. Or each island having a fleet of wa’a for inter-island travel. This is the level of cultural restoration I envision. But something like this might bring the community together, create a sense of pride in Kanaka and prove there are better more sustainable ways to exist.

    • The Serenity Prayer

      E ke Akua, e ha’awi mai ka maluhia I loa’a mai na mea i hiki ‘ole ai, Aka wiwo’ole i ho’ohuli na mea i hiki aku ai A ke akamai no ka ‘ike o na mea oko’a. Amene

      God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference. Amen

  22. maybe, capt. you need one chill pill cuz you stay way out there. WE are all worried about your ranting just like your ohana. I understand where you are in life and your destiny. But, do you think you could contain your pulpit of spirituality and try to help everyone by letting others speak, last count you posted over 42 replies on this article alone. I just don’t like people pushing their religion on me. I am pono with my beliefs and would like it if you could do your sermons on sunday alone. Please give it a rest. I am only trying to help the cause.

    • This is where the moderator of this site should be stepping in to ensure that we all stay on subject. Otherwise anyone can push there own agenda on this blog. I too don’t like it when someone pushes their spiritual beliefs on me! It also discredits the purpose of this blog!

  23. I so agree with you Koukoa, I wish the admin of this site would step in. Someone who we all know should stop pushing agenda on this blog. I don’t like people pushing their spiritual beliefs on me either…..I agree with you this discredits the purpose of this blog! Why are we not all participating positively rather than divided..being pono,like how I live my life doesn’t need a sermon at every reply. I would like to keep this a positive place where we can all come together as one to promote the Hawaiian Kingdom and to carry it to the next level. Capt. come on get real, can you yourself give everyone everlasting life? Are you now a god……..please concentrate on the reason of this blog….not yourself. My thoughts are not negative unless you personally take them that way. AND DON”T TELL ME THAT I AM NOT BEING PONO WHEN YOU ARE NOT EVEN THERE YOURSELF. I WILL CONCENTRATE ON MYSELF, GET OF YOU DAMN PULPIT…….THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR RELIGION……THAT INDEED WILL START A WAR AMONG US……BE PONO …AFTER ALL, YOU SEEM TO THINK YOU CAN TEACH AND SHOW EVERYONE ELSE YOUR OWN RIGHT WAY OF LIVING AND THINKING…..PAU

  24. It does make it difficult to find or follow a thread. But, on a different note, with Sunday coming up and religion as a topic…. I am soooo over the priest at church constantly praying for America. I am tired of the choir singing God Bless America at the end of church, and especially since so many came out for the DOI hearings, i wonder how long churches will continue to speak and pray like Hawaii is the 50th state and what spiritual conflicts this could have with some of the priests, pastors, ministers, etc.
    I wrote to the catholic diocese a couple years ago, but they just brushed me off. Anyone else have similar situation at their church?
    Lol. I’ve learned to go their for what I am looking for, but hate getting slimed before I can walk out the door! : )

  25. Aloha Maltbie, I have been ready for transition for the last 18 years. I realized long ago that I am here to fullfill what my kupuna started. I understood my kuleana. Everyone doesn’t need to reinvent themselves. Your occupation, skills and talents could be your contribution to the kingdom. Same as now but with more Hawaiian flavor.

  26. Hey capt, what’s going on? Are you okay?
    What did you mean by stating that your destiny is all pau?
    It’s as if the pain of your challenge[s] is/are dominating your
    thoughts and being expressed in your comments. I’m hoping,
    however that is not the case!

    As far as the Hawaiian Kingdom, I think it’s fair to say we don’t
    know what tomorrow brings, but what we do know is the steps
    already taken by Dr. Sai, maximizing a forward path to progress!

    Whatsoever you sow, so shall you reap!

    Dr. Sai did a lot sowing, it would be nice for all of us to witness
    the reaping part!

    We don’t have Dr. Phil to kokua us to handle what the U.S. did
    to our kupuna as well as to us, we can only rely on each other, if
    you need to converse outside of this forum leave a trace and I’ll
    make contact!

    If all is good on your end, right on! We watch for the reap!


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