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  1. This video popped up on Facebook yesterday. I’ve seen many positive comments about it but I tend to be more cautious and critical.

    allow we to frame my position on this video in the proper context. I am a Hawaiian visual designer and art director. I’ve been involved in many aspects of commercial visual arts and communications my entire adult life and professional career. I’ve worked in advertising, marketing and promotions, publicity, public relations and media including social media.

    I’ve recently established a news and information agency called The Pono Network. The primary goal of The Pono Network is to make available factual, evidence-based information and truthful, verifiable facts about Hawai’i, its history and its socio-cultural and spiritual traditions and practices to the global media and the people and nations of the world both to educate them about Hawai’i and to dispel and discredit the lies, deceit, untruths, misconceptions, falsehoods, propaganda and false narrative that the US has spread about Hawai’i so that people can have an honest, clear and undeniably true representation of who we are, what happened to our nation and what to expect when the Hawaiian Kingdom is fully restored over the course of the next couple years.

    Because of my experience in media and communications and my background and upbringing as a Hawaiian cultural practitioner raised and trained in the ali’i tradition I tend to turn a serious, critical eye on efforts by those who lack a deep understanding of our culture and history to represent us to the world. History has shown us that outsiders have always tended to misrepresent us to the world opting instead to represent Hawaiian culture and society with a self-serving agenda.

    The typical representation of Hawaiians is as a simple, almost childlike, native culture with the unspoken but heavily implied (white supremacist) narrative that, as a non-white society, Hawaiians are inferior subhumans who lack the intelligence and ability to govern ourselves and so need white men to govern over us.

    But perhaps what’s most distressing about this video from my perspective as a communications professional, Hawaiian cultural practitioner and aloha aina is the offhand tongue-in-cheek delivery of the facts about our history and our current state of affairs. Treating this most important and serious issue in such a casual, flippant manner tends to trivialize and dismiss what is to us the most serious and relevant issue in our modern history.

    ku’auhau mo’i ali’i
    ali’i aloha aina

    • On-Point as always, as Y u Pono!!! my 2-cents airforce brat is that this kind of “communication” is the ONLY thing that Pink people understand. shared with many on the continent, who are on their own, trying to unravel the bizarre issues that were borne by and for america. America the worlds biggest “bully” America from sea to shining sea, terrorists from days long before, civil war and spanish-american war. READ Kinzer book called ‘Overthrow’ Cover states…100-years U.S. regime changes hawaii THRU iraq. Key players then to now tend to have airports, bridges, libraries, parks etc, named after them. READ J Kauanui Hawaiian Blood to see how america fashioned their agenda, right alongside other colorful, too lazy to be specific with any one cept the pink generations that say they own all colorful peoples worldwide. Hawaii is still a third world nation with a big pink american bow!

    • It’s not that “whites” view the Hawaiian culture as simple minded and in need of being governed. Such a perspective obscures the truth of the matter and is a defensive construct to absolve those who failed to fight and retain the Kingdom. Nationalist Hawaiians lost their sovereignty after their government was infiltrated and co-opted by an invading culture, Then when the decisive turning point came, Hawaiian nationalists surrendered to the invading culture in order to avoid bloodshed instead of fighting to retain Hawaiian sovereignty. That’s the tale throughout the entirety of history. Prepare to stand and fight to the death or be vanquished. Look on the bright side. Hawaiians are still capable of exercising a wide degree of local autonomy while living under the protective umbrella of nearly 1,000 years of English Common Law and over 240 years of a Constitutional Republic in the tradition of classical liberalism.

      • Anthony, a culture did not invade and overthrow the gov’t, the U.S. military did. Without the military muscle there would be no overthrow. The HK’s sovereignty is still intact as evidenced by the PCA proceedings that will resume in the near future. Rest assured Hawaiian Nationalist would have fought to the death but that would have played right into the hands of the United States. It would have been deemed an armed resistance (war) and Hawaii would have lost it’s protection of neutrality and fall under the rules of War. Under the rules of War the winner extinguishes the loser’s state and incorporates it into it’s own state. Evidenced by a Treaty of surrender. Hawaiian Nationals listened to their wise Queen to stand down and fight with diplomacy. This is not the site to spread misinformation and false narratives. We will smell you out and expose you.

  2. Even though profanity is not recommended, in this case it is forgivable. Effective comedy. I suggest this method on other subjects too, because it delivers the message. Other independence-seeking nations should follow it too.

  3. Regardless of the swear words scattered about, the video does a good job at sharing truths in a non-confrontational way. The presenter is pretending to be an American and the swear words give the video an authentic American feel, I liked it.

  4. This by far speaks truth…. A small part was left out, the fedwreck part… Just as uncle Paka said “the swear words give the video an authentic American feel”.. This is a combination of tears and happiness… Looking at the bigger picture, Kudos to The Juice Media, this in a nutshell tells our story, our truth, past present & this will definitely change our future for the better….

  5. Although this style of video does not appeal to everyone it did what it was suppose to do. In 2min. 10sec. it got your attention and said Hawaii is occupied.

  6. Unfortunately, it takes comedy & vulgarity to hit the broader, curious, inquisitive, unsuspecting audience, Mr.Chang. Prayfully, all the curiosity will lead back to the Hawaiian Kingdom Blog and Website. If they get there, they will be better and appropriately informed-if they get there!!!

    Thank you to Dr.Sai and all those whom support Re-Educating Hawaiian Subjects.

    • A satire on SNL is wayyyy overdue and I for one would love to see the “birther” and “boycott Hawai’i” issues on late night comedy. The potus is the biggest joke to ever hit the planet and an insult to our intelligence as a Sovereign people!

  7. The Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands law; is LOVE? Expressions of love aren’t always perceived in Ku and Hina or Ying and Yang? Love all your Braddahz and Sistahz?Aloha?Malama Pono?

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