9 thoughts on “University of Hawai‘i Law School: Aftermath of the DOI Proposals Regarding Federal Recognition – Clarification

  1. Will this show be available on Tuesday 09/02/14 at 6:30 pm for people on the outer islands and will it be on public television like it was televised when the DOI was here last month.
    Looking forward for more information.

    Mahalo, Kaleolani

  2. Thank you Scott Wong, Hawaiian Kingdom TV, Olelo TV, Richardson School of Law – and Drs. Chang, Sai, and Kauai – for this forum.

    I’m particularly grateful for Dr. Chang’s insights on topics of which I’ve only general knowledge but want to explore further: 1) history of the so called “ceded lands” and the related quiet titles, 2) the taking by eminent domain of privately held ali’i trust lands for private benefit, and 3) contradictions in the application of the Jones Act today.

    All illegal acts under international law, of course, but I think interesting to consider as it further challenges US state and federal practices today which are highly questionable and conflict even with its own domestic laws – proving yet again that a lie can only beget more lies, no matter which path you take.

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