One thought on “Gavan Daws

  1. Gavan,

    We met about 8 years ago in Manoa with my (our) friend Dr. Patricia Masters.
    I was a 10 year Iona dancer and Kumu actor before moving to North Kohala in 2000.

    At that time I was working out making a small community theater in Hawi on the big island. I expressed my interest in producing and directing “Bite the Hand”, to which you responded, “not yet”. In honoring your wishes, I would like to repeat my request.

    I just finished a makeover of an old truck barn in Hawi, now called the Hub. I directed and produced a two-hander play called “The Gin Game”, and generated some interest in the theater again, now with a room to play in.

    Please advise, and know that I would make any changes or suggestions should you care to have any involvement.

    My little project is a sponsored program with non-profit status, and would care to see a fine topical play in our community. I hope this finds you well and I look forward to your response.

    yours, J Boyle

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