Sovereignty Conversations: Law School Professor Williamson Chang

Another series in The Sovereignty Conversations titled Na Maka Hosted by Lela Hubbard and Juanita Brown Kawamoto. In this Episode we have a re-cap with Juanita and Professor Williamson Chang of the University of Hawai‘i Richardson School of Law on the United States Department of the Interior’s Native Hawaiian Recognition hearings held at the Hawaii State Capitol on June 23, 2014.

19 thoughts on “Sovereignty Conversations: Law School Professor Williamson Chang

  1. Excellent video. My hat off the Professor Chang. Speaking truth while still being with the U.H. Richardson Law School run by the state. A very educational video. Please keep producing and sharing information. Mahalo.

  2. Professor Chang said it all in the beginning–the U.S. Department of Interior panicked! And boy, did they panicked! I mean, yeah, if the U.S. Government can organized public meetings regarding the so-called “federal recognition” so quickly, I’m surprised they cannot answer Dr. Crabbe’s letter that was sent to them so quickly! Its obvious!! If the U.S. Government couldn’t prove Hawaii is legally part of the U.S. at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in 2000, and if they ESPECIALLY couldn’t prove it this year, the H.K. still exist and above all, Hawaii is occupied by the United States!!

    Whoohoohoohoo!! “The biggest scam in humanity” Amene to that! Well said!!

    Oh, yeah! Good points on the military! The military is just an innocent victim of this lie as much as the people of Hawaii are! Indoctrinated people always say that the military is “protecting Hawaii” and all that rhetoric. I say, “Really? If that is so, how come the U.S. military did not protect Hawaii on December 7th 1941? I’m not saying that they couldn’t, I’m saying that since thousands of people died on that day, including the Japanese attackers, that all could have been prevented. If the U.S. Government had honored those Executive Agreements and restored the H.K. Government back to power, the people who died on December 7th 1941 would still be alive today or would’ve at least lived their life. And its not the U.S. military’s fault because they too were deceived that Hawaii was so-called ‘a part of the United States,’ (Hence the presentation Dr. Sai gave one time to U.S. military personal at Schofield Barracks) its the U.S. Government’s fault!”

    Right on, Professor Chang! That’s the kind language I like to hear for the new, young generation for Hawaii! That’s the kind language that’s gonna help and guide us to the possible future!

    I cannot wait for the dear Swiss Confederation to become Hawaii’s Protecting Power!

  3. I believe that the Swiss Confederation is waiting to see how we the Hawaiian Subjects behave in regards to this issue. Up until Kamanaopono there was barely a wave coming to shore. Now that more waves are coming to shore they are watching to see if we buckle. This is for all Hawaiian Subjects, Kanaka Maoli and other ethnicity’s to step forward and identify themselves as such. I believe that everyone should be making this part of their statement. Show where their allegiance lies. We don’t have to worry about a process. There is a process that has already been put in place for the operating Hawaiian Kingdom Temporary Government to reconvene. With great appreciation for all those who have worked for this day I say to all come home into the Hawaiian Kingdom that our forefathers established for all of us. The power rest there. Let’s start making our Nationality known. WE ARE HAWAIIAN SUBJECTS!!!!

    • I agree with your assessment of the swiss governments and their involvement. Once people are educated about the facts, I believe they will begin to understand that maybe some of their opinions and beliefs are unfounded or baseless.

  4. If this is a sneek preview? I give it a two thumbs up.

    Mahalo Professor Chang didn’t know you were a kumu that taught law for the past 37 years. OMG. Would love to see your 10 pg testimony. Mahalo for sharng your manao. Its always great to hear a different point of view of the deception , the prolong ocupation and the illegalities of our sovereign independant nation.

    Is there anything we can do about the RIMPAC that’s coming next week???

    Mahalo Dr Sai for sharing yor aloha with us.

    Aloha Aina indeed

  5. I also agree that this is an excellent video with Professor Chang and Juanita Brown Kawamoto. I’ve also shared it with with my ohana and friends on Facebook.

    I’ve been watching portions of all 3 DOI meetings so far and wonder why so many Hawaiians are knocking each other down? It saddens me to see this. I’ve also noticed that some of those same Hawaiians have been coming to each meeting taken up the valuable time allocated to those Hawaiians who have not yet testified.

    When will OHA’s Dr Crabbe’s questions be answered by the Secretary of State? Why can’t the DOI at least provide some update regarding this? It also appears that DOI has deceived us by saying that they want us to answer the 5 questions at these meeting’s when in fact there are actually a total of 19 they would want a reply too.

    I would also like to read Professor Chang’s 10 page testimony! Has Dr Keanu Sai testified at any of the meetings so far? I haven’t noticed that in my review of the DOI meetings. I appreciate all of the hard work Dr Sai, Professor Chang and many many others that have lead us to this point. Live history is in the making, the Kanaka Maoli is awake, aware, and educated and it seems the United States is getting a bit shock up.

    a hui hou, Frank

  6. Did I hear Professor Chang say that if we get licenses, registration, etc. we are breaking the law. I will have to listen to this again and again. Does anyone have any insight on that matter?

  7. Mahalo to Juanita and Professor Chang for mana’o i’o that took me over 20 years of personal experiences to acquire. Holomua me Akua Aloha.

    Sharing a true sacred spiritual message witnessed by 7 of us doing Ohana family history. English translation. ” We all have many deep dark secrets that have accumulated from deep within ourselves…” It goes on on how to solve it…then continues. “Our ali’i came…they must make us aware of the truth and our beginning. It was destroyed, completely wiped out with such accuracy, that many times what we thought to be truth was one person’s interpretation.” Continuing….. “The way is open for all the Pae’ Aina.” ..”You find the family. you find the Truth.”

  8. Aloha Iolani, I share your appreciation for Dr. Chang but the U.S. military cannot remain blameless. As you mentioned, Dr. Sai made them aware of the occupation. Once they have knowledge and do not take action about the beligerent occupation they are liable. They would be in violation of their own military code by allowing violations of International law and the Geneva conventions to be perpetrated upon us protected persons. Other than that I share your excitment on whats happening. Mahalo

    • Point taken, Kekoa. Generally in this case, yes, the military, nor can anyone else, cannot be rendered blameless. Ignorance of the law is no excuse if you break it. I’m not saying the military is entirely except from blame just because they were deceived as much as the people of Hawaii are, I’m just saying that the people who died on December 7th, 1941 could be alive today or would’ve at least lived their life if the U.S. Government restored the H.K. Government by the Executive Agreements. If there is someone to blame as a start, it would be the U.S. Government. They are to blame for all of this! And worst of all, they know this! They defiantly cannot claim ignorance!

      This is why education is the most extremist importance in this matter! Mahalo!

  9. Aloha j, I think what Professor Chang said was those that were NOT getting driver lic. or state id’s were following the law. They were following the law because the State has no jurisdiction to mandate that they need to have them. Hope it helps.

  10. Aloha! What’s the practical reality of restoring or reinstating the Hawaiian Kingdom as it existed in 1893? Will the U.S. Government allow this in an International Court of Law? Would it be better if the Native Hawaiian community start with the State of Hawaii, then move to the U.S. Federal Government, and finally to the International Court for resolution as a more measured and deliberate methodology for achieving its goals of independence and the reestablishment of the Hawaiian Kingdom as an independent nation? Mahalo!

    • Aloha George. Restoring the government as it was in 1893, is the prize. We get to analyze 120 years of history, to decide how the Hawaiian Kingdom is brought into the 21st century. That will be done by the descendants of the Hawaiian Subjects that choose to retain their Hawaiian nationality.

      The US is bound by international law. If they had it their way, we would get more oppression. It is international law that is making them act.

      The State of Hawaii is an oligarch acting like they are part of the US. The US plays along as long as their military gets to use it. I believe this blog accurately labeled the State of Hawaii as an illegal regime.

      The Acting Government is following a certain protocol, regarding occupation. This blog has everything documented. They have tried everything possible to resolve this, legally, with the US. The US has made it very clear they have no intentions of ending the illegal occupation. The Acting Government then took their evidence to the international community. Evidence of their success is the International Criminal Courts jurisdiction over the Hawaiian territory, beginning March 4, 2013. That was only possible because the US does not have jurisdiction.

      This blog is an amazing tool for education. Highly recommend reading everything. The answers to almost all your questions can be found there.
      I hope this help. Knowledge is power.

      • Aloha Tim,

        Mahalo for your information. I spoke to Professor Chang today about the history of the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement and the illegal annexation of Hawaii resulting from the Joint Congressional Resolution that required a two-thirds approval and only received a majority approval. I discussed with Professor Chang the steps required to achieve an independent Hawaiian Kingdom and a plan/strategy for achieving it. I also mentioned that if we need to get President Obama to agree with the reinstatement or restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom, now is the time to do it before he leaves office in 2-1/2 years. However, this may not be successful as you mentioned that both the State of Hawaii and the U.S. Federal Government “have no intention of endings its illegal occupation.”

        We all know that our U.S. Congress, especially our U.S. Senate will continue to object to federal recognition and governance as evidenced by the failure of the Akaka Bill during the last 11 years.

        For the International Court to support a restoration or reinstatement of the Hawaiian Kingdom, the U.S. Government must consent or agree to this, which is very unlikely as discussed above. I’m confused about your following statements: “The Acting Government then took their evidence to the international community. Evidence of their success is the International Criminal Courts jurisdiction over the Hawaiian territory, beginning March 4, 2013. That was only possible because the US does not have jurisdiction.”

        Please help me understand what happened when the International community was approached by the “Acting Government” and what was or will be the result of this action. I’m somewhat convinced that the issue concerning the reinstatement of the Hawaiian Kingdom needs to be resolved at the international level, but what’s the best approach and strategy for achieving this successfully, especially since the U.S. Government must consent or agree to this.


        • Aloha George. If you have access to Dr. Chang, he could probably explain it better than me. Otherwise I would go back to posts around Aug. 2012 and work to the present.
          I could speculate as to why the international community has not acted more swiftly, but to do so and provide the neccesary historical references to support such speculation would take a long time. It is important to UNDERSTAND the parties involved.
          I will share a personal experience. I have tested the information provided by this blog, in a court of law. The results were very interesting. No one was laughing at me or calling my argument frivolous.
          I basically claimed my nationality as a Hawaiian subject, referenced Art.6 sec. 2 of the US constitution and the executive agreements followed by the ICC jurisdiction over the territory of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Apparently, they understood what I was saying. I don’t have a legal education, other than the one provided by this blog. Mahalo Acting Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

  11. Aloha Tim,

    This is continuing the thought process of what’s the best approach and strategy for reinstating the Hawaiian Kingdom. Why not apply a “full court press” using a 3-pronged approach of showing the courts at the State of Hawaii, U.S. Government, and international levels of the illegal occupation by the State Government of Hawaii and the U.S. Government, using the illegal overthrow of 1893 and the illegal annexation of 1898?

    By attacking on all three levels, it will create much chaos and confusion, since our government bureaucracies do not communicate and coordinate their actions very well. I believe this will be the quickest way to achieve deoccupation at both the State and Federal levels.

    Both State and Federal governments will then be forced to negotiate redress with the reinstated Hawaiian Kingdom, such as compensation for the 1.8 million acres of ceded or Crown lands and 200, 000 acres of Hawaiian Homelands.

    I’m quite confident that the U.S. Government will not want to deoccupy and remove their U.S. Armed Forces from Hawaii, since Hawaii provides a very strategic geographic center as part of the growing Asia-Pacific sphere of influence that includes China, North Korea, Russia, India, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and other Asian-Pacific countries that are emerging as World economies.

    MONEY TALKS and Everyone Will Listen!

    Now, all we need is a rich sponsor(s) to support the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement in our legal system. 🙂


  12. Aloha George, what you are suggesting has already been put into motion. If you go to the home page of this website and research it thoroughly you would find a strategic plan and that plan is being successfully carried out. The HK has to show they exhausted every state and federal remedy possible as they move into the international arena, which they have. Why do you think the DOI is here and we are having this discussion. They need to move on FED REC now as damage control to hopefully contain the situation as a domestic issue for the U.S. and try to cut us off from the international arena. Seen how fast they moved on this once they got wind of the letter to Sec.State John Kerry form OHA’s CEO. It’s to late for them no matter if they shove FED REC down our throats, it’s just added evidence of more violations of International law and just like their joint resulotion it will not extinguish Hawaii as a nation state. Hawaii’s occupation has already been put through a legal analysis at the international level and our occupation will be reported in the 2014 War Report.
    Just like you said money talks. The U.S. can refuse to leave but they will have to now run Hawaii as an occupied country by Hawaiian Law, that’s the leverage. How much does it cost them per month in occupations such as Iraq and others. They can no longer can tax us and take monies from our commerce to fund their occupation, they foot the bill themselves. This opens up them to criminal and civil liabilites from countries that were illegally made to pay U.S. tarriffs and duties for their products sold in Hawaii for the last 121 years. Also by foreign investors that have interests in real property in Hawaii or purchased mortgaged backed securities which contain mortgages from Hawaii, they lost it, it’s gone. That’s what occupation does, creates that huge economic cost factor to see if it is economically feasable to continue the occupation. This also subjects them to UN sanctions just like Russia. Get the $$$money$$ picture now?

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