Resistance Radio – Interview with Film Maker Anne Keala Kelly

Keala KellyAnne Keala Kelly is an award winning, Native Hawaiian filmmaker and journalist whose works focus primarily on the early 21st century Hawaiian sovereignty movement. Her feature length documentary, Noho Hewa, has been screened and broadcast internationally and is widely taught in university courses that focus on indigenous peoples, the Pacific, and colonization.

3 thoughts on “Resistance Radio – Interview with Film Maker Anne Keala Kelly

  1. Mahalo nui e Keala for this print out of your narrative on the Hawaiian Kingdom’s status and history. Educating the public is a top priority in bringing about H/K Restoration and its full Re-instatement. Without news release such as these, the public would be completely unaware of our struggle to get the U.S. to De-Occupy our country. Me ka pono.

  2. Mahalo for your hard work in producing and sharing the life of the kanaka. Born in the 50,s none of this information was ever talked about or taught to us in school. But even so I believed there was more to me than what I felt or saw. Shame on those that are in the seats of control to cause such evil across the globe. My mom said: God no sleep, someday all will be made well. Now I understand and I feel blessed to be living in the day of “da huli”…. God Bless you and keep you Keala as you continue your work, bestowed upon you by ‘Io our heavenly Father!

  3. Aloha keala
    mahalo for sharing your keen observations ,your deep thoughs and your love for this special place we all call home
    may keakua bless you and your ohana as we all try to change this negative into a positive
    we are truly living in this special place and in this special time

    mahalo keakua
    mahalo na alii
    mahalo na kupuna
    mahalo o hawaii nei

    long live the kingdom of hawaii

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