Pu‘a Foundation: Celebrating Independence Day

Pu‘a Foundation would like to invite you to our Film & Forum
WHO: Featuring Dr. Keanu Sai & Masters of Education Students Sharing Innovative Teaching Methods
WHAT: Film & Forum – Ua Mau Ke Ea – Celebrating Lā Kuʻokoʻa – Independence Day
WHERE: Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu Museum of Art
WHENTuesday, 11/28/176 pm to 8 pm
COST: Free & Open to the public
See flyer attached
For more info – check out our website at www.puafoundation.org
contact Debbie Victor at 945-3570 or by email at debbie.victor@puafoundation.net
– Please spread the word – Mahalo.


Toni G. Bissen
Executive Director
P.O. Box 11025
Honolulu, Hawaii  96828
Mobile:  808-221-6656
Office: 808-945-3570
Focusing on Trauma to Transformation

4 thoughts on “Pu‘a Foundation: Celebrating Independence Day

  1. Aloha mai kākou!

    It is a wonderful thing that you are remembering Lā Kū `Oko`a which was a very important event in the history of our lāhui, but how can you call it today a celebration, since we have lost our independence in 1893 and we can hardly wait to regain it? You should call it instead Remembrance Day of Lā Kū `Oko`a or Lā Kū `Oko`a i ka Ho`omana`o to avoid the sarcastic remarks by non-Hawaiians that the Hawaiians celebrate what they have lost.

    Aloha. I mua.

    János Keoni Samu

    • Aloha e János Keoni Samu,

      Hawaiʻi did not lose its independence but rather it became occupied by the U.S. And it would not make much sense to call it “Remembrance Day of Lā Kū ʻOkoʻa or Lā Kū ʻOkoʻa i ka Hoʻomanaʻo” because that would be supporting the idea that Hawaiʻi is part of the U.S. It would be like saying Hawaiʻi WAS sovereign and independent, but IS no longer today.

    • It’s ONLY in recent years that I’ve been seeing content on Hawaiian Kingdom– because of censorship?
      Bravo to Dr. Keanu Sai, all other researchers, translators, students & sponsors for aiding the AMAZING RESURGENCE OF TRUTH– and hopeful SOON JUSTICE for Hawaii ne! IMUA! ♡♡♡

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