Proclamation by the acting government of the Hawaiian Kingdom


August 21, 2013

Whereas, the Hawaiian Kingdom existed as an independent State in the nineteenth century, as acknowledged by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in 2001 by dictum in Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom, and that international law provides for the presumption of the Hawaiian State’s continuity, which may be refuted only by reference to a valid demonstration of legal title, or sovereignty, on the part of the United States, absent of which the presumption remains;

Whereas, because there exists no valid demonstration of legal title, or sovereignty, on the part of the United States over the Hawaiian Islands, all United States government agencies operating within the territory of the Hawaiian State that was established by the United States Congress, which includes the State of Hawai‘i and County governments, are self-declared and their authority unfounded;

Whereas, Hawaiian subjects took the necessary and extraordinary steps, by virtue of the legal doctrine of necessity and according to the laws of the country and international law, to reestablish the Hawaiian government as it stood on January 17, 1893, in an acting capacity on February 28, 1997, in order to exercise the country’s preeminent right to self-preservation during an illegal and prolonged occupation by the United States of America since August 12, 1898;

Whereas, for the past 13 years, the acting government of the Hawaiian Kingdom has been vested with a prescriptive special customary right under international law to represent the Hawaiian State during this prolonged and illegal occupation by virtue of the legal doctrine of acquiescence, as well as explicit acknowledgment by the United States of America, and other States, of the acting government’s de facto authority before the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the United Nations Security Council, and the United Nations General Assembly;

Whereas, a Brief on the Continuity of the Hawaiian State and the Legitimacy of the acting government of the Hawaiian Kingdom can be accessed online at:

Now, therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in the acting government, we do hereby declare, proclaim, and make known as follows:

  1. The laws are obligatory upon all persons, whether subjects of this kingdom, or citizens or subjects of any foreign State, while within the limits of this kingdom, except so far as exception is made by the laws of nations in respect to Ambassadors or others. The property of all such persons, while such property is within the territorial jurisdiction of this kingdom, is also subject to the laws (§6, Civil Code). The Hawaiian Civil Code, Penal Code and the 1884 and 1886 Session Laws can be accessed online at
  2. The acting government of the Hawaiian Kingdom reclaims its sovereignty over all property within the territorial jurisdiction of this kingdom by virtue of its special customary right to represent the Hawaiian State during an illegal and prolonged occupation by the United States of America.
  3. As a result of Hawaiian law not being complied with since January 17, 1893, all titles to real estate within the territorial jurisdiction of this kingdom are invalid and void for want of a competent notary public and registrar for the Bureau of Conveyances (§1249, §1254, §1255, §1262, §1263, §1267, Civil Code). Remedy for these defects will take place in accordance with Hawaiian Kingdom law and the international law of occupation.

Peter Umialiloa SaiActing Vice Chair of the Council of Regency, and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs

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  1. Mahalo KE AKUA! Now we are responsible to know our civic duty to our country and its laws and leaders. No one is exempt from this kuleana a free nation requires informed and active participants. Lets help each other feel the freedom granted to us. Aloha ia not free just like freedom. Many died to bring us all home. I look forward to the challenge and the continued journey as we build a nation one family at a time.

  2. Aloha Kakou,

    Thank you for that…BUT…lots need to be discussed with the PEOPLE…not over the internet, but a face to face presentation with time for questions and answers and not a top down system that exists today…we are better than that and deserve to be treated better than we have been by this Council of Regency and Dr. Sai…enough of the heirarchial type of government…that will not with stand the test of todays time.On all levels we found that there is a LACK of Respect from this Council and Keanu for not wanting to speak publicly with the people and try to move forward with all of us now.

    You all know that this present world system is crumbling, starting with the Vatican the creator and holder of the worlds banking corporations and systems…that created and affects every country and their governments that are slavery systems…ALL OF THEM.

    What are you going to do with this proclamation…for me, it is only words…theory…where is the practice? Meanwhile there are so many Hawaiian Kingdom Governments; with their kings, queens, head of states etc. etc. etc. STILL, is that all not just fiction? So what is the solution is the real question that I would like to ask. Being a part of the Larsen case, no one helped him after he came back from Europe? So I am asking what is the solution? Why are you using his case in this fashion and no real solution? Why are many just waiting? No one should be waiting…everyone should be doing something.
    Our community has ideas and want your council to recognize that there is a need for new government, for change…from the old government into a new government that is just and teaches each person how to fish and NOT TO FISH for them. That would be the solution…e kokua mai…What are your thoughts on that very crucial issue?

    I have written Keanu many times to return my Deed of Trust so we in the community can move forward…and no answers. As a concern citizen of this country I believe this is a spiritual warfare that demands everyones attention to give input if they are all going to live and die here, they have a say…of course going off the Kingdom Laws…maybe time to turn that tide with concretes positive changes and not to continue using fiction laws that people living here do not understand or do not want to respect and later cause a war…we do not need a war, we need better communication between all groups sooner than later to being peace and aloha as we gather.


    • Kawehi,

      You just apologized for jumping to conclusions and attacking people when the information you were using to condemn others was totally inaccurate and here you go doing it all over again.

      I don’t blame Keanu for not responding to your letters especially in regards to your remark and I quote: “we are better than that and deserve to be treated better than we have been by this Council of Regency and Dr. Sai…enough of the heirarchial type of government…that will not with stand the test of todays time” end quote. What the #@$&%#@ are you talking about? What has this Council of Regency or Dr. Sai done to you??? Exactly nothing!!! What hierarchical type government are you talking about when we don’t even have a government in place???

      “Lack of Respect from this Council and Keanu for not wanting to speak publicly with the people and try to move forward with all of us now”, Are you for real and who is the WE and the ALL OF US that you are referring to??? Why is it that there are video’s of Keanu speaking in public even here in Kona over the years and yet, you never attended a single one when I and many others have already been to several in the past year alone. What you really want is a private meeting with Keanu to boost your ego and for him to listen to your complaints when he is in no position to help with your issues and concerns because the government itself has not been restored. Many of the things that you have been complaining about will be addressed when the United States Pacific Command steps in as they are required to in order for us to begin the restoration of our Hawaiian Kingdom Government and its proper agencies. So, in reality all Keanu will be doing is repeating everything that he has already made available on his website. Do you get the picture???

      Did you even bother to read Chapter Six (6) of his Dissertation….”HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM”!!! It appears not…… If you did you wouldn’t be asking so many ridiculous questions. Of course you want to address YOUR issues regarding those in prison, the homeless, your ahupua’a in Waimanalo, the voice of the people and whatever else that is on your agenda and what…….you think you the only one??? What makes your issues more important then mine or anyone else s for that matter??? What makes you think that Keanu is not already addressing all of this on a much larger scale and even more such as our banking system, justice system, War Crimes, Hawaiian Kingdom Subjects, Illegal Aliens, economics, military, stolen lands, protecting our resources, government agencies and much much more!!! So, as you can see there is more for Keanu to worry about then…..Kawehi.

      What I am doing in regards to my family’s kuleana is making sure that I have my documents in order and a plan in place to address the issues regarding my family’s lands that were stolen (lease/rent), the people and businesses that were illegally placed upon them (lease/rent) and anything else that I will need to deal with when the time comes. There are going to be changes and I need to be prepared, but in order for me to do this I need to educate myself, my family and friends to what is really happening with the restoration of our Hawaiian Kingdom Government and to remain patient.

      You keep on saying that you were involved in going to the World Court regarding the STATE -vs- LARSEN and yet you dare to say and I quote: “no one helped him after he came back from Europe? So I am asking what is the solution? Why are you using his case in this fashion and no real solution?”!!! What was Keanu supposed to do??? Provide Larsen with a job, financial support….what??? It wasn’t Larsen it was the…..CASE!!! Larsen sued the Hawaiian Kingdom and Keanu as the acting Lead Agent which allowed this case to be brought before the World Court. Because Keanu was able to prove that the Hawaiian Kingdom does exist the Fake State of Hawaii and their courts can no longer hide behind the State -vs- Larsen case like they have been for years. This is how we are nailing the judges in court and now they are switching gears and instead hiding behind the “1959 Statehood Act” which we are tearing apart as well because without a Treaty Of Annexation the Fake State of Hawaii and its courts DO NOT exist!!! This Proclamation is a part of what is needed for the International Criminal Court to finally step in. I thought you already knew all of this…..I guess not!!!

      In closing this statement by you takes the cake and I quote: “What are you going to do with this proclamation…for me, it is only words…theory…where is the practice?”!!! Only “words…theory” you say??? Wow, this Proclamation was made on behalf of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the acting Vice Chair of the Council of Regency and the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs. Under International Law and Hawaiian Kingdom Law due to the situation that we are in this Proclamation is legal and do you realize that these words by you could be considered TREASON or a WAR CRIME??? All I can say is during Keanu’s lecture here in Kona during the Birthday Celebration for Kauikeauoli in March he stated and even the haole’s got it: “As you can see, everything that we are doing deals with law and all I can say is that from this moment on be extremely careful in what you say and do because it can come back to hurt you”!!!

      You really need to control your temper and more importantly your words. Forgive me if I no longer communicate with you. I have seen the long list of names of those being charged as accessories to the War Crimes that are being committed and I need to protect myself from being deemed as an accessory to what you have stated in writing…….

      For as my mother and kupuna had taught me: “If you don’t know what you are talking about keep you mouth shut and no say nothing”!!! I am so glad I listened………..EO!!!

    • Under the Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution- ARTICLE 3. All men may freely speak, write, and publish their sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right, and no law shall be enacted to restrain the liberty of speech, or of the press, except such laws as may be necessary for the protection of His Majesty the King and the Royal Family.

      I think we all should be very careful of what we say and do today we could held accountable of/for our actions later…

      Just researching some of the Hawaiian Kingdom Laws…

  3. I believe that Keanu, one positive informed Kanaka recognized and exercised his kuleana along with others. He has been the messenger while many have tried to take him out. He has always been willing to share information and educate those who want it, however many expect him to do it all by himself. We have to do our part too. He has provided a website with documented proof for us to study. When we take the time to learn then we can make concrete informed decisions. If we have done all the above and more we can begin to work in the community. Help others live as responsible citizens. We can clean up our communities. Help each other feel the pride. Enjoin with others against GEO and toxic pesticide use on our aina. Kokua the kupuna find out what you can do to improve their life. Lord there is so much we can do. We could reestablish the Hui’s that created the protest petition. Organize ourselves one family at a time one community at a time. Let’s quit finding fault. Let’s decide that we really want it and find out how we can help to make it happen. WHAT CAN I DO IS THE KAHEA?
    Mahalo KE AKUA

  4. Maika`i Oia`i`o…We each have a kuleana…We cannot point finger at or for others. Mahalo for and to all who have been doing their part up till now because we could not have come this far. Some have been on this march for decades and have kept the pressure up and the lights on. We cannot forget them and we must let what they have done mentor us to continue the same Ku`e Imua. Mahalo Akua

  5. Aloha Mai,

    This is what my tutu would want to hear and see is the change. Before my Tutu went to heaven she was hurt because they were force to change to the American ways, and she refuse to have me to place my hand on my chest to acknowledge the american flag. Now, I can just imagine all of our Kupuna’s rejoicing in heaven.

    Keanu, thank you very much for your hard work and your intelligence for bringing out all the truth that had been hidden from the Hawaiian people.

    Our good Lord had a job for you and you are close to completing your mission for the people and we are so ever grateful.

    Aloha ke Akua

  6. The only way that we could PROCLAIM that the Hawaiian Kingdom does exist with its acting government in place is by making sure that we had everything in its proper place. Because we were dealing with LAW we had to be extremely careful that we were doing everything…..RIGHT. By making this PROCLAMATION it opens the door for the restoration of our government that was illegally overthrown and illegally occupied. We are so close………

    Yes, Keanu and those who assisted him along with Dexter who was willing to take these cases to court when no other attorney would need to be thanked from the bottom of our hearts.

    Our kupuna and makua are so very appreciative and so, are we…..

    Mahalo! Mahalo!! Mahalo!!!

    Imua, Imua E Na Poki’i……….

  7. To All Who Replied to my comments…thank you for your input…please say all you have to say, I am here to listen…we all have our kuleana and I have mine too. To all of you who feel that I am bad, sorry…I cannot shut my mouth. At the same time, as for Lance he is on his own…and I will leave it as that…as for Keanu he knows what he has to do and Dexter knows as well…I will not go through it here. I am not perfect and no one is.
    I am not afraid of constructive criticisms, never have…the point and told my dear friend how I felt in a very long letter, which I will not go through here. Many have said all that I said and this is good…criticize me, you and do whatever and I will send it back with aloha…that is my style…raise the issues, fix the problem and move forward. If anyone was at the Ka la hoi hoi ea day, you know what I am talking about…it was pretty heated when it came to the panel with Dexter, Maivan Lam and Kuhio Vogeler…this is why I raised this issue and I will stop here…something has to change and more discussion on how that change is going to happen is to discuss these issues so our people know what is coming; What kind of government do we want? Do we want a King or Queen? What is going on with the ICC? and Why did Kale get served? are a few concerns from many people…I am the messenger…so I am not afraid to say what had to be said as we are all supporters of what our ancestors left back for us. I will stop there. Again, I am not sorry that I said what I said…I am sorry if nothing happens after this and something else happens, know how the US thinks. Have a good day and yes we will get over it together.
    with God in this spiritual movement for positive changes….Let us meet face to face soon…and I will stop there.

    Mahalo Piha,

  8. Aloha all,

    Mahalo ke Akua, Mahalo to our beloved Queen Lili’uokalani,
    Mahalo to the Po’e Aloha Aina of 1897, Mahalo to Dr. Keanu
    Sai and to all those who contributed in the making of that
    August 21, 2013, Proclamation! It is greatly appreciated!!

    Did anyone else feel the release from the chains of oppression?
    Free…………dom!!!! A truly historical event in history!

    That is a bold statement made by our kingdom government!
    It provides us validation, protection, opportunity and freedom!
    A true blessing for some of us and not so much for the U.S.
    occupier! This Proclamation actually has a bite to back it up!

    Hear this one again: “. . . all titles to real estate within the
    territorial jurisdiction of this kingdom are invalid and void. . .”
    That is huge! That is one solid kick to the U.S. laho!
    I am so excited for all of us and for our country! Wow!!!
    Huli au! Congrats everybody!!! Eh, maybe a big luau soon! 🙂

    A hui hou,

  9. More good work out front. But what else is happening we are not privledged to? What nation/s or entity will become the Protectorate of the Kingdom of Hawai’i? Is that an outcome of self-determination? Or is that already been negotiated between Acting Regency and U.S.A. Pacific Command at Camp Smith wherever? What countries or entities are qualified to administer Hawai’i? What countries/entities are looking at such a Treaty with the Kingdom? Are all possible global contenders including the UN aware of the prospect/esponsibility of a Hawaiian protectorate or is it a secret discussion already set in stone – I note that the proportion of moving forward at ICC and alike is NOT commensorate with public protest or universal awareness, so something else is happening behind the scenes. Please, the stradedgy and deliberations of a decade need not be Acting National Security need it? And if open government is a popular desire, shouldn’t this opportunity to restore the Hawaiian Kingdom be founded in openness and participation? Education, island lectures and presentations on the shocking occupational history and legal context is excellent – i cannot fault Dr. Keanu Sai and his team (who I know not one- very frustrating and worring) but where is the public input and transparency one expects in reinstating the world’s best democracy? We by now have the secretive and anti-democratic system of Globalization and U.S.A. military imperialism. How would Hawai’i look if that does not change – its game over, unless the change in Hawai’i affect Globalization and US imperialism. And for that you need the world, and you will have that. Do kingdom decendants and loylaists have a say in whether the USA military will remain or something else will occur? Did they ever? If Camp Smith currently orders the state Office of the Gov. under USA law will things look much different when they begin ordering the Council of Regency under Kingdom law? I want peace in a nutural Pacific and any notion of USA military presence by Pearl River Lagoon / Harbour, any PMRF on Kaua’i, any survelience and intelligence network based in Bishop Street, Hickham or in Hawai’i is – ‘da a no brainer for the world’s population to see – unless bully jungle might is right and to hell with life on Earth is your guttral thinking. The world demands the US military out of Hawai’i is the call. Switzerland, Australia, China, Japan, Sweden, Columbia, NZ, Denmark, Russia – many countries may qualify as a protectorate while U.S.A. meets its overdue repairations duties – a rainbow coalition maybe considered, but is the Recency taking truthful presentations or brainstorming or what? If a collition were formed then Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Iran, African forces can meet here under aloha, once and for all and help us, and the planet, fix the region, assist indeginious peoples, advance the UN List of NonSelf Governing Territories and not least of all help the U.S.A. We need a Global Emergency Organization.

    • Remember, the news media is controlled by the Thurston family, the Fake State of Hawaii and the ILLEGAL Federal Government who help orchestrate the illegal overthrow. So, it is only obvious that they will do everything possible to NOT print anything GOOD that Dr. Sai is doing!!!

      • Dutchy, do you know who the moderator of this blog is? It appears that all of us are just communicating among ourselves, which is o.k. and educational but I would rather get direct feedback from Keanu and his staff regarding our questions and concerns.


    • This is the reason why we are in the courts challenging their jurisdiction and authority. Because there is NO Treaty of Annexation the Fake State of Hawaii does not exist and courts are ILLEGAL. Until the United States Pacific Command steps in and implements Article II Courts utilizing Hawaiian Kingdom Law the current judges must dismiss the case or rule utilizing Hawaiian Kingdom Law only. If they don’t they will be committing a WAR CRIME!!! Should the Pacific Command fail to step in, as it appears to be the case at this time, the International Criminal Court (ICC) will step in as the means of last resort and prosecute the Pacific Command for War Crimes as well. When the proper court is establish there will be a way to file your complaints of the large number of War Crimes that were committed. I have several to file myself such as the burning of my family’s home at Keahole Point on December 14, 1941 and the confiscation of our lands so, in the meantime I am gathering my documents together for when the opportunity to file them presents itself………”Be Prepared”!!!

  11. I agree with Kawehiʻs main thesis. Where is the visible and documented lahui?
    Is it possible to realize this body even before the Hawaiian Kingdom is officially restored?
    Any crucial importance for it to be identified?Are we mere observers or can we be participants? Are we needed?

    In the Vision statement of the acting Goverment of the Hawaiian Kingdom we see how closely law is followed, and this gives me a sense of security. After all, we are playing for big stakes.
    “The acting Council conforms to the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the Council’s maintenance of these laws, both internationally and domestically provides the only basis of its de facto legitimacy. It has no direct link to the national population pending its reconvening of the Legislative Assembly. It is fundamentally tied to the doctrine of legal continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom. . .”

    “It has no direct link to the national population pending . . .”

    And yet further on it is stated, “Preliminary issues to be faced by the acting Council before reconvening the Legislative Assembly are

    • Determination of citizenry before reconvening the Legislative Assembly under prolonged occupation
    • Registration of voters and their qualifications

    This is the reason I personally am confused. On the one hand I am grateful for the careful work of the acting Government. On the other I wonder how much I am required to learn as a student before I am accepted as a player in the restoration of the HK. I do not believe in top down government.

    Kawehi, here we are where we started out 22 years ago in Anahola. Willing to walk where there is no land to put our feet on, yet willing to take the first step to find out.

    • In regards to your statement “On the other I wonder how much I am required to learn as a student before I am accepted as a player in the restoration of the HK. I do not believe in top down government” it is obvious that you need to learn more because the Hawaiian Kingdom was not a top down government, but how could you know that without educating yourself.

      The problem is that there are those who think they already know everything and instead of being patient they want their questions answered, their concerns addressed and their voices be heard. The problem is we haven’t even restored the Hawaiian Kingdom Government or the proper agencies to address them so, why are you not only being so impatient, but acting as if you are the only ones who are concerned about all of this.

      You are not and trust me Dr. Sai already knows about all of these issues and concerns as well……..and even more!!!

      If you were educating yourself properly or had attended Dr. Sai’s lectures you would have heard him tell you this. There is a time and a place for everything and as you can see now is not the time or the place.


  12. kawehikanui 11, be patient no rush, the kanakas neva make this problem, was the foreigners, so go tell the foreigners for stop the hakaka. geeez only 1 day, not going happen just like that. HOOMANAWANUI means patience. mahalo ke akua

  13. first the population never did go away, we was invaded by foreigners and forced to follow their foreign laws, if you don’t know where you came from them you don’t know where you going. maka ala you have been brainwashed over 100 yrs.

  14. Now might be a good time to start looking into finding out what is our royal protocol. What are the order of presidences? How dose one conduct oneself at court?

    I know it seems premature now but we as well as the future HRH needs to be versed in these matters. The future monarch should be not just of royal blood but must also be capable of fulfilling all the duties and customs of royal court.

    Other heads of state have had centuries of practice and years to groom Their heirs for the office of head of state. Where are we? I would hate to see Hawaii disgraced because somebody got the order of presidence wrong at a state dinner.

  15. Aloha ka kou,

    Many of us have been advocating the sovereign existence
    of the Hawaiian Kingdom for years in front of the U.S.
    District Court, State of Hawaii judicial system and before
    law enforcement to no avail. This powerful Proclamation
    will no doubt trickle its way down to those same defiant
    ears only they will no longer hear it from us, but from
    their higher ups. It’s funny how things seem to work out!

    To Kawehikanui and Keahi:
    If you think about it our government hasn’t made a public
    appearance since January 17, 1893! Its voice may seem
    unfamiliar, untrustworthy or even scary, but be confident
    in that this government is your kingdom! If you are feeling
    excluded, uninformed or even isolated concerning issues
    dealing with the kingdom government please don’t stress
    out the kingdom have heard all our concerns and are now in
    the process of taking the necessary steps to right the wrong.
    Our internal affairs will have its time, but for now it is very
    important for our government to reclaim its jurisdictional
    authority from the U.S. and enforcing it with other countries.
    If you think about it Queen Lili’uokalani was pressed for time
    when U.S. insurgents landed on Hawaiian Kingdom shores on
    January 16, 1893, she did not have the time to receive feed
    back from the Lahui as to what she should do, she made an
    executive decision involving international affairs. Now this
    August 21, 2013, Proclamation is an executive order from
    our acting Hawaiian Kingdom government doing what we
    have asked it to do, how much more do we actually need the
    Lahui to be involved in?
    In order to address our domestic concerns we first need to let
    the world know of our sovereign independence. In other words
    we need to put the horse in front of the cart!
    The Proclamation is not mere words, this document is huge!
    This is the point upon which the paradigm shift takes place!
    Any closer would be at the point of its delivery!!
    A few months ago this site had shut down because of an
    overload of visitors, imagine what will happen when this
    Proclamation hits the U.S. lawmakers and the international
    community. All of us faithful to this site, the Lahui, may have
    to educate the uninformed once this Proclamation reaches its
    destination! Know the sequence of events concerning our
    kingdom’s history from January 16, 1893 forward or to be a
    minimum player would require only to remember that there
    is no treaty of cession between the U.S. and the kingdom and
    differ harder questions to this site to be answered!
    When preparedness meets opportunity you will have success!
    Lets move forward together!

    A hui hou,

  16. Aloha, I have not been here for a few days and quite surprised at those who commented negatively or very clearly do not know all the facts to all I have said here and most of all what is going on…so please let me just say to all of you, that the future will provide the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Io…and hope to meet all of you face to face…I mean that in a good way, I have never and will never take your threats personally because I know our people. Aloha and take care of your families. In love, peace and aloha, Kawehi

  17. This proclamation will prove devastating on the global financial
    markets! I recently read about some financial experts talking about
    a 90% market correction, were they anticipating the release of this
    document? In any case, once this document makes its debut, hang on!
    We may not have the convenience of this site to communicate in the
    event of website inundation so must rely upon what we have learned!

  18. Aloha Wayne,

    Thank you for your input and mahalo to the CR, who I know all personally for years…they know my heart and where I am coming, my constructive criticisms were not personal although one woman took it as that, to her I say, peace sister…some people do not KNOW me and that is ok, this is not about me, it is about our people who right now sit in prisons in America and those homeless without a roof over their heads and misleaders in communities who are bullies towards those less informed, without a job, a home or roof over their heads, no food on the table, not on welfare or lands to grow their foods…while I have none of those problems, I see them everyday and give what I can without asking for anything back. I am a kupuna, not a makua anymore and do not want our people to be left like that in our homelands…that is my prayer for them and for us that we may walk together stronger…amamauanoa.


  19. To Kanekeawe, Aloha.
    For the education of those who read this blog let me just say, that it is not only the Hawaiian Kingdom that is out there in the world shaking up everything because what is happening involves every countries assets and people. I KNOW that this is a spiritual warfare. Many people are unfortunately affected by these crooks at the very, very, very, very highest top of the food chain planning to make us food for fodder in their plans to control the worlds worth..I am for something good, but when it comes to Hawaii we have to take in to consideration and lock arms with those worldwide who are fighting the same crooks the world over, that is where my beef is at also and no surprise that the US military proves to be the PRIME example of HOW to BULLY the world and get away with it as they have done in; Hawaii, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Iraq,Faluja, Afghanistan, Syria and now Egypt just to name a few where now the crooks are calling in Balckwater expert murderers and sharp shooters who are killing innocent men, women and children in the millions…more than the people who live in Hawaii, did you know that? How gross is that?…our meditation and Councils of Peace give power, glory, love, aloha and thanks to Io everyday and NOT the US military for that not happening to us….because we are protected because of the importance of Hawaii is to the security at Camp Smith in their commanding of 3/4 of the earth, is using us to make them another war for money.

    In closing, education is available for those who search, read and educate oneself is key to Aloha, that was taught to me by Aunty Pilahi Paki, Aunty Peggy Hao Ross, Uncle Tom Maunupau, my grandmother, tutu wahine/tutu kane and my ohana, who Kohoia me into this movement. In other words the CR can only teach so much, the rest is up to you and I get that, as I take care of my kuleana…wait patiently for a significant break through.

  20. To Keahi, mahalo sister…do not mind some of these people, we will meet them one day face to face hopefully under more better conditions…as a former nun I am proud of you that you gave that up to stand with our nation as a national…who here knows that of you? Me….so I am sharing this with those who do not know where your heart is at.
    Yes, I am also not for top down government, or a government that does not ask the peoples permission before taking stuff that belongs to others, before they use us…we are already treated that way by the US…but we have come this far sister…let us not stop believing in Io, man??? another story…EO.

  21. To Kiele, you can call me any name in the book, and I can call you what you look like but I will not, because it would be like playing your little games…go and study the Hawaiian history at and do more useful things with your life…my grand daughter at 11 knows more than you ok? Look at yourself, is that what you want to portray yourself to be in our nation? Be a man and take up the struggle…jump in, we need young people with; fire, heart, history and experiences.

    • I’ll have you know I work at a museum where this information has become my bread and butter. I am also a history major who Dr. Sai. was my instructor so don’t you lecture me. I said you sounded like an Anarchist and I was wrong your as common as dirt.

      • I just want to say how fortunate we are to have this blog available to us. My aloha to all of you who share your expertise: HK, et al. You guys cover a collective multitude of knowledge.

        This is just one of several venues Keanu uses to educate us. He made a promise to return home in 1999 to begin the education process of Hawai`i after confirming our Kingdom’s legal status at The Hague. But he first had to get his Ph.D. which he earned in 2008. That promise continues today.

        Before his doctrine degree, Keanu had been the only one, that I knew, who was in full view presenting evidence about our country. In 1995 he wanted to prove who he was after learning that he was not American. He tested Hawaiian Kingdom law, “talking the talk AND walking the walk” way back when there were only a handful of people believing his research. Today, people are learning and listening to the irrefutable evidence. The word is out here and throughout the world about Hawai`i’s legal status. I am so grateful for his bravery, sacrifice and perseverance.

        We are on the road to recovery from 115 years of Americanization. This is an opportunity to end that mindset. There may be different levels of understanding but we are still learning – remember that! Every document shared on this blog IS education. If we have to read them over and over again then we must do it until we get it. Only through education will we gain knowledge. That is the only way that we should be using this blog – get educated, ask for clarification if needed, and give your mana`o as it relates to the document topics and the like. Then take it home to share, as it becomes our kuleana to teach, too.

        Corrective criticism is good but totally different from badgering one another. We are all together in this fight for our Kingdom. Let’s not allow the “alamihi” to divide us. When a community is divided, it is conquered! We must change ourselves, inside out. All of our personal victimizations issues will be addressed as we move forward. We must be patient. The answers will come. Our dilemma did not happen overnight, we can’t expect them to be resolved overnight either! Let’s move with caution. The culprit is America not one another. They have taken advantage of our ignorance and lack of understanding, but no more.


  22. How would this proclamation affect an Executive Order signed by President Obama for Native Hawaiian Recognition? Someone told me that “If Hawaii becomes ʻFederally Recognizedʻ thru an Executive Order back-door, there will no inherent rights left to stop the State of Hawaii from more rape, pillage and plunder of the culture, lands and resources. The EO is a back-door because the Native Hawaiians have rejected FR for over 13 years and it would require an Act of Congress. The EO eliminates Congress.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but as I understand it, there is nothing that an occupying government can do to legitimize their unlawful status in Hawaii nor can any perpetuation of fraud extinguish our rights to restore the Kingdom. Their Executive Order for Federal Recognition is still a domestic and not an international issue. Would somebody please shed some light on this for me?

    • What do you want to know?

      And if it is something “ -or-” has already provided the information for then the answer to your questions and concern is to simply look it up.

      It has nothing to do with your profile photo and everything to do with your intent. If you are looking for someone to answer questions that have already been answered don’t get upset if we or this blog don’t respond.

      Education is the key…….self education and to educate others is the method!!!

  23. Mahalo to our Kupuna for their decisions, during such trying times in our history. Without their wisdom, restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom would not be an option. Mahalo to all that have fought this fight and kept the knowledge alive.

    I can’t help to think that now they are in a corner, time to start a war (Syria). Wars always make good distractions. As big as this Hawaiian Kingdom issue is, they might need to start a big war (threatening a world power’s resource / second sino Japanese war – threatening japans oil resources during their occupation of China, resulting in the attack on Pearl Harbor), so that those responsible can run and hide.

    I think the problem they gonna run into is divine intervention. I can’t explain what is happening, any other way. Mahalo no ke akua.

  24. Aloha Michael,

    In re Michael Daly on August 25, 2013 and August 30, 2013:

    Your profile photo has nothing to do with the lack of response you
    received to the questions you’ve asked! Most of us help out when
    we can, but we know we aren’t the voice of the government.
    That said, let’s see if we can’t help you out.

    The Hawaiian Kingdom is an independent nation state and has
    been since November 28, 1843. The Hawaiian Kingdom is currently
    an occupied nation state because of its independent status so self –
    determination is not a matter of any concern!
    As for a Protectorate, why do you feel Hawaii needs to be
    protected? The biggest culprit is already here and have been for
    the past 120 years, who do you think we need protection from?
    The August 21, 2013, Proclamation is form of protection letting the
    entire world know of its territorial jurisdiction and the subjects it
    defends! This Proclamation that is before you was not created over
    the past few nights, this goes back many years and that is perhaps
    why no one is responding to your questions, the questions you’re
    asking has been answered long ago over and over again!
    As far as the kingdom’s transparency, they have been very open giving
    a step by step plan of action. Take your time to read the information
    they put out very carefully! It was no secret when the kingdom filed
    its Protest and Demand with the United Nations and 193 nation states.
    It was no secret when the kingdom entered into two treaties this year
    that being the IV Geneva Convention and the ICC Rome Statute.
    Nothing was hidden when arguments were presented before the
    Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague. If that’s not
    transparent enough I don’t know how else to help you!
    You don’t really need to think about anything, as I’ve stated
    somewhere else on this blog the kingdom have heard all our
    concerns and are now in the process of taking the necessary steps to
    right the wrong! The key factor is that there is no treaty of cession
    between the U.S. and the Hawaiian Kingdom and that means the
    U.S. including its puppet State of Hawaii is an unlawful entity in
    Hawaiian Kingdom jurisdiction! If the Hawaiian Kingdom was
    not an independent nation state it would not have been allowed
    to enter into the Hague, IV Geneva Convention and the ICC Rome
    Statute, they validate the fact that the Hawaiian Kingdom is a
    Co-equal sovereign alongside the U.S. That said, why would we
    need to seek U.S. Federal recognition or to have an entity like
    Kanaiolowalu represent us? If that was even an option, which it
    is not, doing so would mean settling for less! It’s hard to hear the
    truth when you’ve been conditioned to accept the lies the U.S.
    have dished out to us! Try checking out this link, hope it helps:

    Remember the Queen’s birthday on Monday, September 2, 2013.

    A hui hou,

  25. Aloha Doreen,

    Excellent response, your comments on this blog speaks Aloha, by bringing us together in unity. The restoration of Hawaii is closing in on the USA.

    You begin with positive comments! Aug. 21 “This is great news!”
    Aug.29 “I just want to say how fortunate we are to have this blog available to us.” You, compliment Keanu Sai PhD the person responsible for this blog, so we can find unity and educate one another. You also made a point in your appreciation, for Dr. Keanu Sai’s bravery, sacrifice, and perseverance. “I totally concur with you, on all the above.” We tend to forget the sacrifices his immediate family had also endured.

    Approximately two decades of researching, self educating, more educating and finally receiving his doctorate which was necessary to solidify his position as a representative of the acting government of the continuity Hawaiian Kingdom.

    Fulfilling Her Majesty Queen Lili’uokalani, the Hawaiian Patriotic League, and the Hawaiian Political Association. In protest to the Treaty of Annexation by the United States of America.

    “Proclamation by the acting government of the Hawaiian Kingdom”

    “ ”We are witness to History being made!!!”

    It is easy to find fault, cast fear, and doubt. I ask who has done more for us by using their own law (USA) and the International Law. In order to secure our place once again as a recognized Sovereign State.

    Dr. Keanu Sai asks of us to only educate ourselves, and others, to secure our Hawaiian Constitutional laws, civil law, and penal codes. Thank you David Keanu Sai PhD, Peter Umialiloa Sai. and all associates involved in our acting government.

    “UA MAU KE EA” What a great birthday present for her Majesty our Queen Lili’okalani.

    Doreen, “WE CAN DO IT!”

    No News Media about Hawaii? Uhmmm, Oh! “No, CNN, NBC, ABC” in the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    Mahalo everyone,

    Let God Bless us and protect us.
    Let our Kapuna guide and teach us.

    • Mahalo, Lapaka for you kind words.

      Yup, CNN; NBC, ABC, etc. media ALL American. Interesting to listen to though – being more informed about America’s true character. I’m connecting the dots. Certain words or comments show what the medial really understands. Their sources are conjecture holding no value, to me anyway — transparent to only domestic understanding. They talk a lot about America’s strength and It promotes Americian Big Brother leadership. Their only answer to “correct” every “wrong doing” in every country. The whole world has become victim to Americanization. No wonder America has lost respect of other countries.

      Imua me onipa`a,

  26. We are so fortunate that Dr. Sai has shared his knowledge with us!
    Information about our history concerning U.S. foreign intervention
    and that the U.S. Congress has no authority beyond its border and
    that only the U.S. President is vested with authority concerning
    matters outside the U.S. is unfolding in real time right before our
    eyes when President Obama gave a briefing from the garden lawn concerning Syria this past Saturday! Wow! I think Tim is correct when
    he brought up devine intervention!
    It’s just amazing how past U.S. events concerning other countries
    have a similar pattern for cause of U.S. jutification.
    In the book Ua Mau Ke Ea, on page 46, William Richards stated in part
    “Peace and tranquility are not maintained when righteousness is not
    maintained. . .” It is no wonder why the U.S. is in the pickle it’s
    in! They need to be pono with our nation in order to heal their nation!
    How Ironic is it that a year ago Obama drew the “red line” for Syria
    not to cross, but now crossed was it Syria or radical islamist that is
    to blame? Remember what happened with Iraq and the WOMD?
    Is the U.S. President even capable of authorizing a strike based upon his qualification as President under the U.S. Constitution, he being born on Hawaiian Kingdom soil, a foreign country! If the U.S. Congress has no authority beyond its border and the President is without proper qualification to act as President the only act will be an illegal one!
    How about that to confound those who have done hewa in our aina! Wow!
    They should have been a member of the ICC Rome Statute and implement
    an investegation of a war crime against the Syrian President and let
    the investegation prove the responsible party!
    Oh yeah, they’re not into the truth unless its controlled by them!

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