12 thoughts on ““Now We Know”: Eight reasons why so many Kānaka Maoli oppose US federal recognition

  1. The United States Government needs to stop wasting time playing games and do what is legally required. The U.S. military here needs to seize control of the puppet regime (State of Hawaii Government) and establish a military government in Hawaii. And enforce certain provisions of international law such as the 1949 IV Geneva Convention, the 1907 Hague Regulation, the Laws of Occupation, Additional Protocol I, Hawaiian Kingdom law, etc. And eventually the U.S. Government needs to comply with the Executive Agreements to restore the H.K. Government back to power. And eventually, pay us war repatriations because of this occupation.

    All this needs to be done soon before it gets to a point where the consequences of non-compliance can be extremely severe.

    • GREAT post by Noe! I will forward this along. But as for asking for the US military to take over (as if they haven’t grabbed enough land mass and polluted the aina with all manner of toxins, including depleted uranium), this does not seem like progress at all. I understand where this request is coming from, but look no further than when they “seized control” of Iraq, for instance! Be careful what you wish for! I continue to speak here in Maine* about the legitimate demand for de facto in addition to de jure sovereignty. I love reading about this advance of a pono agenda!

      *This year I have so far done 5 talks at public gatherings on the topic “Why did Kennebec Valley Mainers conspire to overthrow the queen of Hawai’i?” Even well educated people do not know of this,and are greatly surprised. In solidarity!

  2. We as the subjects as well as native, do not need the permission of the nation that is presently occupying our Hawaii. This is our kuleana. We only need a treaty which reaquires our sovereignty as a separate nation state. We only need to have our government established in order to negotiate our treaty with the US. The idea that the federal government is pigion holeing us into what is considered a tribal status is only their way to avoid acknowledging their error of illegal occupation. Let us not allow this to ever happen again. C Kamuela Harris.

    • Aloha e Cy,
      There is no Treaty of Annexation between our kingdom’s territory and their USA territory. We are the first sovereign, independent, international non-European (white) full-fledged territory recognized by England, France & America in 1843 &1894. We do not need to prove our nation’s status. They have nothing. No treaty, no territory.
      OHA/DOI’s plan to change the “Native Hawaiian” into an Indian Tribe is plain nonsense. They’re grabbing at sticks for any type of “palapala” from the Hawaiian subjects to gain permission to erase us from every resource we own and hold dear i.e. ocean, water, lands, air, o`hana. They what us to believe that they will get the vote with 20 or so “delegates”? I don’t think so. Testimonies don’t lie.
      De-occupying America from our shores is a process complicated to me. All I know is that an illegal occupation is an international crime and must follow certain international protocol set by the Geneva Convention and Roman Statutes. Part of it involves Martial Law to maintain peace during de-occupation.
      The Hawaiian Kingdom maintains neutral status. Military ports and their WMD sites must carefully be removed to take us out of harm’s way. I’ve learned that the process is to keep us safe but know that now the entire world is watching and can’t be hidden. Education is key. The process is worth learning too. In the meantime I continue to hopefully onipa`a me manawanui.
      Malama pono

  3. Yes, excellent post Noe Goopdyear-Ka’opua.

    Constitution Check: Does the government have power to protect sacred Indian sites?
    dated 9/13/16 by Lyle Denniston – 6th para. “We checked the Constitution, and …
    Tribes of American Indians that gain official recognition from the federal government exist as “nations” in their own right, with broad powers of self-government. But Congress always has the last word over their fate, under the constitutions article 1, giving the national legislature the authority “to regulate commerce with the Indian tribes”

    History is a weapon, especially when the oppressor finds the oppressed “oh shit, they caught us!”

  4. 1893 “By an act of war” … “a substantial wrong has been done” President Cleveland.

    In his letter to the United States senate/house of representatives – para. 3 and 4

    I suppose that right and justice should determine the path to be followed in treating this subject. If national honesty is to be disregarded and a desire for territorial extension, or dissatisfaction with a form of government not our own, ought to regulate our conduct, I have entirely mis-apprehended the mission and character of our government and the behavior which the “conscience” of our people demands of their public servants.

    When the present administration entered upon it’s duties the senate had under consideration a treaty providing for the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands to the territory of the United States. Surely under our “constitution” and laws for the enlargement of our limits is a manifestation of the highest attribute of sovereignty, and if entered upon as an executive act, all things relating to the transaction should be clear and free from suspicion. Additional importance attached to this particular treaty of annexation, because it contemplated a departure from “un-broken” American tradition in providing for the addition to our territory of islands of the sea more than “two thousand miles removed” from our nearest coast. . . . . .

    President Grover Cleveland, a public servant – – – “with a conscience” – – – presents the evidence open and obvious whose intent is knowingly malicious.

    I agree with Noe Goodyear-Ka’opua, let us gather today the light for tomorrow.

  5. Thank you, Sister Noe, for such a well-researched and well-presented summation of what truly occurred at the 2014 DOI meetings. I’m 100% on-board and already “preach” your closing comment about continuing to meet together to discuss and decide amongst ourselves the rebuilding of our beloved country.

    Also, i wrestle daily over what had transpired between “America” and the 200+ established first nations already in existence when Europeans landed there and exclaimed, “Open land! Let’s take it for ourselves.” They attempted and continue attempting through a perpetuation of fraud, theft and treason, amongst other crimes, to do the same to us, the first nation of this archipelago. If we are still the rightful stewards of this land, then the first nations are the rightful stewards of the land wrongfully named “America”. Therefore, America is just a virtual spawn of Europe, superimposed by deception over existing and once thriving countries. In essence, “America” does not lawfully exist, and we should never struggle for recognition from them but resist recognizing them as lawful or legitimate. I give them NO recognition, yet recognize the archipelago of Hawaii as an independent and separate nation from “America”, in the same way the 200+ first nations are independent and separate nations from “America”

    As we rebuild our country, let’s keep this in mind, forming treaties with and creating a league of nations with true and rightful countries, such as those of other first nations, who have not lost connection with Creator, one another and our environment. Prior to Pa’ao, we lived the Kino under one God and Creator. Let’s return to our origin and stand in awe as the “impossible” comes to pass.

    Lastly, we are already recognized in the global community as a neutral country. Switzerland shares our same status. Although “America” has exploited and used us as their military outpost, we are a nation of peace, where other nations and citizens of the world should be able to journey for resolution. We need to firmly establish the practice of hooponopono amongst ourselves, then offer that to the world.

  6. Wow, Donald Trump (Republican), President elect of the U.S. of America. I guess this just threw the biggest monkey wrench into the plans of OHA and the DOI to make Hawaiians an Indian tribe through an executive order by the lame duck President Obama. Not to mention incumbent,Haunani Napoliona, just lost to Dr. Kelii Akina, a plaintiff in a SCOTUS injunction that successfully stopped the counting of the ballots for Na’i Aupuni. LOL, LOL, you clowns are so screwed. We Hawaiians don’t want FEDREC and Trump won’t let it happen. Can’t get better than this if Hollywood wrote this script for a movie. LOL

    • Excuse me, I was LOL so much I forgot to mention that the Republicans now control the House and the Senate. There ain’t no way in hell that they will allow the DOI, State of Hawaii and OHA to follow through with this Hawaiian Tribe scam. Just saying, again. Aloha

  7. In opinion stated in “The Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement: Roles of and Impacts on Non-Hawaiians” by Anthony Castanha, August 1996 an adoption of “Hawaiian” Cultural values is often mentioned. I have read many interpretations of these values but how would they be assured, confirmed or enforced in daily life? How would these values be verified? Would you need a card proving you attended Hawaiian cultural training? Could Kingdom of Hawaii police or government officials demand to see you cultural awareness card? What would be the penalty for less than adequate “cultural” awareness. Would “native” Hawaiians be exempt from this requirement? Would non-native Hawaiian’s be required to wear a special emblem on their sleeve to identify themselves? I wonder how may “native” Hawaiians live in a culturally harmonious way and know the specifics of their cultural heritage, oh yes and speak native Hawaiian? The isolated island of Niʻihau, located off the southwest coast of Kauai, is the one island where Hawaiian is still spoken as the language of daily life. This would be a model of the mot unadulterated native language. Pidgen is not a language.

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