8 thoughts on “New Zealand Radio Station “The Wire” Followup Interview With Dr. Keanu Sai

  1. This is AWESOME!!! Just as individuals from the United States who have committed war crimes are not able to travel to certain foreign countries in fear of being arrested for the war crimes they have committed because Hawaii is not a part of the United States and as such a foreign country these individuals can be arrested by foreign countries such as Switzerland here in Hawaii and prosecuted for the war crimes that they have committed and this includes the war crimes that have been committed here in Hawaii as well.

  2. Aloha Jon, before warrants can be issued a complaint has to be made and then investigated. The million dollar question is which entity will take the complaint, investigate and prosecute. It is a documented fact that no agency of the U.S. will do it. That opens the door for a foreign entity such as the ICC or another agency of a foreign state. This was made clear by Dr. Sai in the interview. Switzerland has a statute that allows it’s prosecutors to take complaints, investigate and prosecute for war crimes commtted to or by it’s citizens within Switzerland or another foreign state. This statute also provides for victims of war crimes that are not Swiss nationals. Their court has universal jurisdiction and treaties that provide for extradition. They could prosecute as long as the USPACOM or the ICC is not actively prosecuting. Hope this helps.

  3. Aloha Dutchy, I agree that it would be a diplomatic nightmare for the U.S. if they were served with extraditions for war criminals living in Hawaii. These extraditions are in accordance with existing treaties with the United States. A refusal would raise unwanted exposure of Hawaii’s occupation and the U.S. harboring of war criminals. What happens once that information goes viral at the international level?

  4. If I were the U.S. Government, I would publically admit very soon that Hawaii is occupied. Because since there is no legal evidence to prove U.S. sovereignty in these islands and since the U.S. Government acknowledged 2 months ago through acquiescence that Hawaii is occupied territory, the U.S. Government might as well do what is required under international humanitarian law and the Executive Agreements and begin the de-occupation process for Hawaii along with providing all the necessary repatriations to everyone and to the restored H.K. Government. Because prolonging this occupation even more longer would make the legal consequences for the USA possibly much more damaging that what it is now. Unless it has gone to that point, the international law violations here are already severe.

    • The U.S. Government already owes the football coach 50,000 situps! Would they like to go for the grand prize of a 100,000? Hahaha!

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