4 thoughts on “New Research in Hawaiian History: Lorenz Gonschor, Ph.D .Candidate, Political Science

  1. Thank you very much for Sun Yat-sen and Epeli Hau’ofa. The sharing of emerging research is tremendous. This research expands my view of history as a proud Hawaiian, person of Oceania, and the world. It really gives credence to our being among the best and the brightest – and every Kanaka should know all the ways in which that statement is supported.

  2. There is a monument on the southern end of Keokea, on the way to
    Ulupalakua in Kula, Maui, that is dedicated to Dr. Sun Yat-sen and
    another monument dedicated to his elder brother Sun Mei.
    I think it’s worth a visit to the Sun Yat-sen park if you’re in the area.
    If you’re lucky to be there when the Pak Lan tree is in bloom its fragrance will greet you at the entrance and will sometimes follow
    you throughout that little park because of the breeze that tends to
    whirl around in that area.


    I like the foreign visitor health care concept, akamai!

  3. Thank you for articulating that, Luana. It’s a lot to wrap the mind around and I’m very grateful for all of the research that is being brought to our attention. I was aware of the Chinese revolutionist, but didn’t even know in what period he was schooled in the islands. Obviously the information about Kalakaua’s ideas in joining the Pacific are very important to understand. Mahalo Mr. Gonschor.

  4. Another great lecture in my ongoing quest for knowledge about the Hawaiian Kingdom… I was impressed by his discussion about the Kingdom being seen as a role model to other Pacific nation states… My favorite historical morsel was his discovery of visitor health care insurance in a book in Germany… That had to be an idea decades before its time… It speaks to the Kingdom’s humane behavior toward its visitors and ability to think outside the proverbial box…

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