New Hawaiian Kingdom History Book

CoverIn 2011, David Keanu Sai, Ph.D., Hawaiian Ambassador-at-large, has written a new Hawaiian history book, Ua Mau Ke Ea: Sovereignty Endures, covering the legal and political history of the Hawaiian Kingdom that spans from the 18th century to the present. The textbook also comes with an accompanying DVD. Dr. Sai has a Ph.D. in political science specializing in international relations and public law. The textbook and DVD can be purchased online.

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Ua Mau Ke Ea: Sovereignty Endures is required reading for classes at the University of Hawai’i Colleges and High Schools throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Here are some comments from High School and College instructors:

  • “Secondary educators in Hawai‘i are extremely fortunate to be able to access the rarest of pedagogical materials for the required Hawai‘i DOE Modern Hawaiian History course: an academically sound and well-written textbook.”—Amy Perruso, Mililani High School, Teacher – Pre-AP Modern Hawaiian History/Participation in Democracy, A.P. Government and Politics.
  • “A concise, yet detailed account of the legal and political history of Hawai‘i for advanced students…Heavily dependent on primary sources and contextualization, this book is a radical departure from ‘conventional’ histories with some truly fresh insights on the Hawaiian Kingdom and Hawai‘i’s current legal status. By focusing on Hawai‘i’s often-neglected legal infrastructure, Sai shows its problematic—and ultimately occupied—nature.”—Umi Perkins, Ph.D. candidate, Kamehameha Schools Kapalama, Teacher, High School Honors Hawaiian History.
  • “Breakthrough! Sai has produced the most insightful work to date on the foundations of the political and legal history of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i and it’s relevance to Hawaiian political life today.”—Peter Kalawai‘a Moore, Ph.D., Windward Community College, Instructor and Coordinator, Hawaiian Studies.

7 thoughts on “New Hawaiian Kingdom History Book

  1. Very good, the more accurate information is better than what is here today…nothing.
    We are helping in support of what Keanu et. al. are doing with other strategies, with intentions of waking up our people…it takes all kinds of people to affect those who call Hawaiʻi, “home” so please check into our tweet site as well and how we are promoting what Keanu is doing free of charge and hope to make a movie from our perspectives; taro roots and inside the belly of the beast looking out and seeing where we have to go…breath life into our kingdom by helping not just talking, but forming businesses, traffic tickets, prison issues, community development issues, genealogy and illegal corporations trying to buy and develop our lands such as; PLDC. Monsanto (GMO), over development, State of Hawaiʻi and Federal Government who are over taxing our people and making it hard for them to survive
    we are helping the people who are not with correct information. Looking forward to the Luau.

    • Thanks, it was the October 20, 1900 Maui News article I was looking for; the one that was recently posted on this blog!
      Just wanted to share it with friends that non Kanaka, Hawaiian
      nationals took part in defending the independence of our country.

  2. Thank you for sharing. There are many people today who support our right to true independence as a nation-state with all the protection that comes with that status but there will always be rogues amongst us, who needs to know and understand whose house they are in…and they have a hard time switching off their minds from one of being an American to Hawaiian, in the application of HK Laws. More of this kind of writings help to get the true history out to the masses, worldwide, plus also learning about other social media sites that can be of service to our manaʻoiʻo.

  3. Aloha Mai,

    We must all stand together as one nation and thats the nation of the “HAWAIIAN KINGDOM”. I know some people want to claim the thrown, they must remember there is no thrown, just the surviving Hawaiians that wants what was taken away. We suffered enough and as you notice our KUPUNA’S are starting to surface, Iwi’s was exposed on the grounds of Kawaihao Church, iwi’s along the rail site and most of all, having the SUPREME COURT side for the Hawaiian People. All elected officials should step down and they all should be charged for “War Crime” for what they are doing to the Hawaiian people. Example: on the westside, they shove the landfield, pvt, no major hospital, no proper drainage and no alternate road for emergency and everyday use. SHAME ON THEM!!!! Keanu, keep up the good work for the Hawaiian people and the people of Hawaii.

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