New Book: Jon Olsen’s “Liberate Hawai‘i!”

Author Jon Olsen has come out with his new book “Liberate Hawai‘i,” which can be purchased online at

Olsen Liberate Hawai‘i“If the government of Hawaii had not been illegally overthrown by the U.S. Marines through a classic act of Manifest Destiny and American-style gunboat diplomacy, Hawaii would still be an independent sovereign nation today. Notwithstanding a series of clever illegal moves by the U.S. government, Hawaii cannot be considered a legally bona fide state of the United States. . . . In 1959 the U.S. falsely informed the U.N. that Hawaii had become the 50th state of the United States after an illegal plebiscite. . . . Jon Olsen . . .convincingly points out that the fraudulent claim of Hawaiian statehood is immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional.” –The late Thomas H. Naylor, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Duke University

“Jon Olsen is a warrior of truth, proclaiming a vision of Hawaiian sovereignty. He is not alone. The Hawaiian Resistance that began sweeping across the islands forty years ago has become a storm of new consciousness. Where will it blow? Olsen charts that storm’s history and possibilities. For readers whose eyes can see a radically free Hawaii, here it is.” –Jim Douglass, author of JFK and The Unspeakable

“. . .you are an incredibly gifted writer and inquiring spirit. Congratulations on such a difficult achievement! The research is impressive and your writing cohesive and erudite without being pompous.” –Belva Ann Prycel accomplished artist and author of memoirs Passage, Times and Tides, and Water Tales

“Jon Olsen’s new book, Liberate Hawai’i: Renouncing and Defying the Continuing Fraudulent U.S. Claim to the sovereignty of Hawai’i, makes a compelling case — a legal case as well as a moral one.” –David Swanson

“Good quick over view of 19th century illegal takeover of independent Kingdom of Hawaii. Lots of documentation of the sad period in Hawaii’s History. This aspect of US History is soulfully lacking in “normal” History from the view point of rich Americans Recommend to all interested in the real history of US takeover in Hawaii. Tom Hoffman’s Nation Within is also an excellent history of this period.” –Bill Smith

“Having been involved since 1982 in many aspects of the Hawaiian Sovereignty movement, mostly as a photographer, I find Jon D. Olsons’ book, Liberate Hawaii, to be a fascinating and well put together collection of historical facts about the great injustice done to the Hawaiian people by a rambunctious and greedy group of American businessmen. It is a compelling read, and I highly recommend it.” –G. Brad Lewis

4 thoughts on “New Book: Jon Olsen’s “Liberate Hawai‘i!”

  1. This is a timely reminder that the issue facing Hawaii today is not one of native rights but one addressing redress for the illegal overthrow of a nation. I hope that the leaders at OHA read this and are reminded of their charge.

  2. Yes, a quick read summarizing what we’ve learned from scholars, international experts, and activists who’ve been involved with and/or researched the topic in great detail over the past years – and the author respectfully gives credit to those very same. Good reminder to the Kanaka of these historical facts that refute the institutional lies that have been perpetuated for so long many of us have assumed them to be true. Better reminder for Americans and others who may not be fully aware – or just aware – of the depth of the deception and travesty – and help provide them understanding of why for so many of us restoration is really the only path forward. This is not about money or reparation – kaulana na pua – this is about being pono.

  3. The true recognition comes when we see our Ha’e Hawai’i (Nations Flag) flying proudly equal and not subordinate to any foreign nation and again assume its rightful place within the family of nations. Our National Character and Constitutional Monarchial Government restored. Life in the HK – “Our free society & homeland” – “No Compromise” – “Ua mau ke’ea o ka aina i ka pono, ku’e onipa’a ka Hui Aloha Aina”

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