5 thoughts on “Latest “Dark History” Podcast: How the US Stole Hawai‘i

  1. Hey America you f***** up let’s make this right and yes the Queen was a bad ass.

    Wow! A Dark Side of History.
    I give it a 👍👍👍🤙😎

  2. Im done with words, action is required or we will still be here another 30 years and millions invested for what, move back into the Palace and start conducting Kingdom business as if the US wasn’t there I think the Palace is still Kingdom Property since the Us Constitution forbids Palace’s and that would be the first move since all else seems to have failed the big fight I think is convincing the public that it is a good idea to go back to a type government they have no idea what it is.

  3. Ho’omaika’i ana! Mahalo for bringing our Dark History of our Kingdom of Hawai’i, and expanding the light of truth in the context of the U.S. and World History . . .

    . . . . Eo! Imua Ka Lahui O Hawai’i . . . . .
    . . . Restore the Kingdom of Hawai’i, its Peaceful Sovereignty, Independence and its Rightful Place in the World of Nations.

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