12 thoughts on “KITV Island News: Rethinking history: Hawaiian expert says Hawaii was never ‘colonized’

  1. MAHALO, KITV, MAHALO, Dr. Nogelmier, MAHALO, to AWAIULU! for re-iterating that our Lahui, HAWAII-the HAWAIIAN KINGDOM was never, EVER, never COLONIZE, but OCCUPED!!!! And, Mahalo nui to Hawaii’s Historian, SAMUEL KAMAKAU- AKUA BLESSES and GUIDE US ALL for acknowledgING the truth….IT’S THE FOOTPRINT OF OUR CREATOR! I LOVE IT!
    Cecilia Kupau and the KUPAU ‘OHANA

    • Then why would bunch of your president apologize to the Hawaiian kingdom and the people. Then just because they stolen away and Colonize the Hawaiian islands there not experts they are United States of corporation nize or a corporation who stolen everything they have including American, Alaska and Hawai’i they was erupting country.

    • Actually it’s not “nothing short of a war crime” it actually IS a war crime… multiple CONTINUED war crimes from my understanding.

  2. Not only did they UNLAWFULLY OCCUPY , but have done it BELLIGERENTLY, meaning they have broken the LAWS OF OCCUPATION by TAXING THE HAWAI’IAN KINGDOM PEOPLE !
    NO CONSENT ( the Anti-Annexation Petition of 1897 with almost 22,000 signatures of Hawai’ian Kingdom Subject and Naturalized people attest to that!!
    America made up one Bullshit Lie and broke their own laws by Annexing Hawai’ian Kingdom with the Newlands Joint Resolution… but allah…. That Resolution is only legal within the Boundaries of the USA!

  3. 🤨 Funny how we went from radical thinking “sovereignty” extremists who were nuts… to people finally going “oh hey, maybe you were right.”

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