8 thoughts on “Kingdom Media Hawai‘i: Aftermath of the DOI Proposals Regarding Federal Recognition – Clarification

  1. These videos are so informative. Some of the information is repetitious, but repetition works when you are trying to teach people. I really like how the questions were taken on a card and then screened. I love the questions and answers part. Many of us wanting to help spread this education are not academics and are often confronted with many difficult questions. It is really helpful to hear how educated academics respond to these types of questions. This helps me in addressing questions in the future, Mahalo.

    A message I am hearing is “be the best that you can be, at what ever you do.” That is how you can do something for your nation, the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    I would like to add my mana’o. Find your passion! What ever it is that you can do all day, all night and feel like you still didn’t have enough time…..that is something you are passionate about. It could be talking, family, baseball, reading, cooking, teaching, fishing, farming, just about anything! I honestly believe that people excel when they are doing something that they are passionate about. This fits with the message I am hearing.

    One way that identifying your passion can better your life is employment. When your employment is something you are passionate about, you are excited to go to work and you do the best that you can do. Now might be the time to get an education in a field or industry that you are passionate about. I suspect there will be employment and business opportunities as we move forward.
    Just my 2 cents

  2. Hahaha! Like the suit Dr. Sai is wearing! That’s the exact one he wore during the South South News interview! Oh, yeah! Dr. Kauai is right—there needs to be more education and discussion on the subject of ethnicity and nationality in the H.K. I seriously would like to know about Dr. Kauai’s research I just don’t know where to start. Hahaha! Yeah I agree with Dr. Sai on that! Music artist need to start writing songs about Hawaii’s legal history! Like write about our first constitution, Queen Liliuokalani, or even the occupation! Here’s one good song that I would see is a good example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn9HfF_ZBco

    Professor Chang also brings up a good point when it comes to the way we live here in occupied Hawaii. Like the most dominate example socially is the cost of living under this occupation. Professor Chang is right–the high cost of living under this occupation affects EVERYONE and they know it! In fact, most people I talk too always complain about it and I don’t blame them. And every time I try to give them an dream-idea of the capabilities we have of how affordable and less expensive and prosperous our cost of living and economy would be, they don’t get intrigued over it and some people say that’s not gonna happen. No hope! Sad isn’t it? This is why I’ll never get tired of saying this: Living in U.S. occupied Hawaii is absolutely sad! People act like its all okay, but look deep beyond their eyes, they’re absolutely miserable! And one example is the way we live under this occupation. They say it themselves and they don’t notice it!

    Maximize kuleana—I like that! I really like that! I’m kinda adopting that already!

    • Do we really need to worry about federal recognition? I mean really, if the ICC has accepted jurisdiction over the Hawaiian Kingdom, doesn’t that pose a problem? A legal problem? Isn’t there enough proof of Americanization, to say the people need to be informed before any other decisions are made?

  3. Aloha
    I believe tim’s right… hk is a sovereign nation… the doi questions are a disdractor… so we can fight among our selves
    Been watching kmh part 2… professor chang and keala… “SHOW ME THE TITLE”
    11 min mark… how to save mauna wakea… saving aina…

    time to end the bs


    • I don’t know if I am right, would really like some other perspectives to ponder.
      I am recalling something Dr. Sai mentioned, when discussing the source of law. In regards to International Law he referred to “preemptive norms.” To paraphrase “acts, if left unchecked, undermine the very system”
      We are enduring an illegal occupation. In my opinion, violation of a state’s sovereignty is pretty core to International relations and commerce. Not to mention human rights violations that have already been prosecuted under International Law, creating legal precedent.
      So if International Law is subservient to commerce, then Hawaii is kinda shining a light on a global problem. Funny how our small island nation just wrapped the world up in a big pile of crap created by a few hundred greedy politicians, who are dead.
      We can’t change the past, but we NEED to hit the brakes on our current situation. So what, the real estate industry dries up. They will find work elsewhere as many Hawaiians were forced to do. So what development comes to a crawl and HUGE contracts are not awarded to foreign corporations. Their workforces, who migrated here, will find work elsewhere, just like Hawaiians were forced to do. So what a majority of politicians are removed from office. That will only allow for the Hawaiian political right to be exercised, which we have not had in over 120 years.
      I get that the war report is coming in December and I mean no disrespect, that was a monumental task that Hawaiians will always remember. Does that ensure that the brakes will be put on this unsustainable existence, that jeopardizes the future of our children and even our nations ability to feed ourselves? Is that not a fundamental right of a state?
      Mahalo Acting Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom and all my fellow Hawaiians.

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