7 thoughts on “KHON 2 News – State of Hawai‘i to Receive Millions in Lease Rent of 30-Meter Telescope

  1. Give every child whom has blood traceable to KANAKA MAOLI Pre-Contact free education at any University of Hawaii School in Hawaii from those FUNDS.
    Educate Our Children …..
    That’s Why I Go To Mauna Wakea among many other Things~~~~

  2. Good idea Momi but IMHO that should be automatic already regardless of TMT $$. Millions of dollars passes through the state of Hawaii governments hands and into the pockets of corrupt officials every year, money that rightfully belongs to the Kingdom of Hawaii. Look at the rail project, costs are the billions. If U.S. would de-occupy and take back their invasive species with them, we wouldn’t need a rail system, rush hour traffic would be light, housing affordable, in fact with the money that goes through DHHL and OHA’s hands, every Kanaka by koko and pre-contact National should have one residential lot with $$ attached to build one hale. Ekalamai, I going stop because I going start going off. Aloha kakou…malama pono…LLHK

  3. Not a damn penny will ever restore the sanctity and purity which they have destroyed and like the Plantations they will leave us a scared and damaged landscape, aquifer, and unsightly monstrosity to live with and cleanup. They, including those Hawaiians who were lured by their great ideas forgot to include a restoration plan back to the Hawaiian Kingdom. Its just incredible that even when they know they have property that belongs to us they make like we don’t know and so they no need give it back. Those Kanaka who are choosing to be Americans should only be able to speak to for Americans. They have not included subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom. I believe Mauna Kea is speaking to those who are Kanaka Maoli/Hawaiian Subjects. It is our Kuleana to do whatever is our part here and in our Moku and Ahupua’a. Lets all ask the right questions, like, what can I do that is positive and impactful? What is my Kuleana? How can I do small things that r helpful to my Nation and Ohana? This is a wonderful time for coming together and have meaningful dialog with each other. This is our Avatar!!

    • I think that ones who are well “versed” in this situation should speak with others (the uninformed) – everybody who will take the time to listen. I talk to everyone who will listen. I have found that most are worried about losing their entitlements. I tell them that it is just being “dangled” in front of them, and subject to be pulled after the US gets whatever it is they want. Ask the “Navajo” and “Hopi” how that worked out for them! The US is “equal opportunity” aihu’i!

      Give them the URL to this blog. Tell them to watch and listen to Olelo for speakers that you know are legit. I am at the moment listening to “Fox News” and Donald Trump and yesterday it was Rand Paul speaking on taxes. Making it easier for people to pay fair taxes. Rand Paul is supposed to a “constitutionalist<—–sorry if wrong"- saying that he wants
      to make taxes lesser for the american tax payer – how about doing what a "constitutionalist" would do – follow the constitution (the 8th article) and make sure all "direct taxes" are apportioned. This is the kind of tricky bull ki'o these kine people use, trying to make everybody think they are good, until they "lower the boom" on your okole!

      Anyway, everybody I read on this blog seem to be "u'i akamae on this subject, spread the word, any and every chance you get, A O'ia? If you know going get one UH sponsored event, oa Dr. Sai is holding a "public forum" some place, invite the people you are and have been talking too!

      Oia kekahi nui makaukau! Mahalo(s) for listening! Maika'i Pomaika'i!

      Aloha ia Apau!

  4. There it is. The United States Military stands by while the self declared State gov’t of the occupier authorizes private entities to violate Article 56, the desecration and destruction of Mauna kea, inorder to illegally reap the rewards of millions of dollars to continue funding their illegal occupation. This is the definition of “ORGANIZED CRIME” or should I say “ORGANIZED WAR CRIME CONSPIRACY”. Now, we suppose to believe these dishonest criminals that they will not build anymore telescopes on Mauna Kea?? I wonder why he did not say there will be no more construction on Mauna Kea instead of no more telescopes??? They can’t be trusted with empty promises since they can’t even honor their Treaties and the Laws of Occupation.

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