7 thoughts on “Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau Island Convoy – La Ku‘oko‘a (Independence Day)

  1. It is a good thing that all Hawai’i celebrates La Ku’oko’a on all the islands, in all the moku of each island. Holomua e na Hawai’i !!

  2. OHA, CNHA, SCHHA, AHHL seem to operate best in limited light, dark places and by limited invitation only, if at all. This is not Kupono nor is it above board. Their mode of operation is flawed and dangerous to the Hawaiian Kingdoms best interest. They should be avoided and considered hewa. He luana pa ‘ana a ka la!

  3. Bummers I will be in vegas when all this takes place, I wish somebody on Oahu would make a convoy or march of Aloha on Oahu before the 28 of november.

  4. To bad there are no Hawaiian Civic Clubs in Vegas that are celebrating our national holiday La Kuokoa???
    Sharing the education with Aloha
    Naue and alohaaina

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