2 thoughts on “We Are Mauna Kea

  1. If any activists in this effort happen to read these comments, please consider pursuing this law to stop this abomination: https://civilrights.findlaw.com/discrimination/the-religious-land-use-and-institutionalized-persons-act.html

    Hawaii is a state. The law applies.

    Goddess bless the efforts of these passionate activists.

    One thing for sure if this obscene plan does go through, Goddess forbid. The foolishness of constructing a multi-million dollar telescope on a DORMANT VOLCANO!
    Hello? DORMANT! Doesn’t mean dead. It means, sleeping.
    When she wakes up that gorgeous artists rendering of the telescope is going to be hella awful shrapnel impacting all in the area.

    Who thought of that blueprint? You really think Pele is a myth? And besides lack of integrity, how about loss of intellect. “Hey, lets construct something that’s foundation has unknown tons of lava underneath it.Nah, our setting the footers for this project, excavating into the surface of this DORMANT VOLCANO, won’t stand to do a thing to effect what lay beneath.
    “Sandwich Islands, are made by….VOLCANOES!”

    The people behind this project aren’t ignorant of that fact. They’re simply self-absorbed, selfish, and stupid.

    Let us see what the volcano has to say about this project should this protest effort fail.

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