HULI Statement on Start of TMT Construction

Aloha nui kākou,

Today David Ige reaffirmed the State of Hawaiʻi’s commitment to ensure the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Maunakea beginning Monday, July 15, 2019. Ige also reaffirmed the State’s commitment to protect the interests of foreign, private corporations rather than the rights of the people of Hawaiʻi through a long, coordinated and organized mass mobilization of Hawaʻi law enforcement at the expense of Hawaiʻi tax-payers. 

ʻAkahi, Kanaka Maoli have never given consent to the construction of the TMT on Maunakea. In fact, we have overwhelmingly demonstrated our opposition to the construction of the TMT in every venue; court cases, testimonies, declarations, hearings, forums, and community meetings.  The most explicit examples were the series of large protests and arrests of dozens of Kiaʻi (Protectors) on Maunakea which physically halted the construction of the TMT in 2015. 

ʻAlua, Kanaka Maoli reassert our rights to our national crown and government lands.  The TMT Corporation has no interest or ownership in the land.  The summit of Maunakea, specifically the exact location where the TMT Corporation hopes to build their telescope, are national lands of Kanaka Maoli. Indeed, the TMT Corporation has a mere sublease from the University of Hawaiʻi.

ʻAkolu, we reaffirm that Maunakea is sacred to Kanaka Maoli.  The summit of Maunakea is kapu as the highest point in the Pacific.  Therefore, like all humanity, we have sacred places that should be recognized and protected.

ʻAhā, we emphasize that the summit of Maunakea is a conservation district.  It is environmentally sensitive and pristine.  Yet the TMT Corporation plans to build a telescope that is over 180 feet tall in a place that lawfully should be afforded the highest level of environmental protection as a recognized conservation district.

ʻAlima, Kanaka Maoli will continue to assert and increase stewardship of Mauna Kea.  We affirm our rights as hoaʻāina to access and manage our national lands, to practice our religion and culture and to protect these lands from further destruction and desecration.

Therefore, while the TMT Corporation and the State of Hawaiʻi continue to ignore our massive opposition and existence as a living people, Kanaka Maoli have no other choice but to engage in peaceful and nonviolent direct action. 

We will forever fight the TMT, until the last aloha ʻāina.  Truth and history are on our side, and our commitment and mana is only rising.  We are prepared for intense and lengthy struggles but stand firm in Kapu Aloha – peace and nonviolence.  We ask everyone to honor this kuleana and to conduct ourselves in PONO.

9 thoughts on “HULI Statement on Start of TMT Construction

  1. As the ruling Alii destroyed the Kapu system and the old god’s in 1819, before the missionaries arrived, as being false. Why then is the Kapu system of the old god’s still valid today? The Polynesians were some of the most profound of astronomers. Why should there be an objection for their children having the best possible access to the stars right on their door step? My deepest respect for the ALOHA that I have experienced here in Kona over the past 48 years. I was invited by Hawaiians to come to help turn the tide on the hippie invasion of the 70″s. And enjoyed being the restoration Kahu for Hale Halawai o Holualoa in the 1980’s; And I am for the restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom. “The life of the Land (Aina) is perpetuated in righteousness.” Let there be PEACE….If the GOD of all Creation is offended with TMT, I am sure HE has a solution.

    • I don’t quite understand your forked tongue reasoning. The Polynesians that were profound navigators were also worshiping the Gods of Old and practicing the Kapu system. In fact that same system is what they used to train future navigators. I DOUBT VERY MUCH that you could convince these same profound navigators that lived and breathe the Kapu system that it would be ok to violate their most sacred mountain to build TMT. I can almost guarantee what they would say or do. As far as the Hawaiian Kingdom you mentioned. The U.N. Human Rights Expert already stated in his memorandum the Hawaiian Kingdom is a state in continuity but under a strange form of occupation by the U.S. and a fraudulent annexation. Therefore if it already exists as a state then it’s laws and legal order also exist. Those existing laws protect the right for all people to practice their religion as long as it does not violate the law or the rights of others. So people have the right to worship who ever or what ever they want. The Alii that destroyed the Kapu system were not part of the Hawaiian Kingdom Gov’t body politic and their actions are irrelevant since it has no legal effect in Hawaiian Kingdom law. If people want to practice the ancient religion it is perfectly legal no different than anyone else of a different religion. The God of all creation that I’m presuming you are referring to said”…God helps those who help themselves..” In other words don’t use him as an excuse.

  2. I find the rhetoric arising out of the proposed TMT construction to be disturbing when a kama’aina, including kanaka maoli is willing to speak in favor of this project that is in violation of the rights of their brothers and sisters.
    Regardless of the advantages such a project may bring, stepping on or over the rights of anyone is not pono.
    For a Hawaiian Christian to say that the Hawaiian religious practices are no longer valid is no different than the U.S. taking over the Kingdom illegally just because they could even though such an action violated its own laws and those of the international community as well.
    Hawaii has a lot to share with the world in the way of getting along with each other and accepting everyone into the community; it takes very little effort to look back in history to see how the citizenry was treated prior to the overthrow.
    Yes there are conflicts that arise between kama’aina and malihini; mostly arising out of disrespect not unlike what is happening on Mauna Kea.

  3. While I support the continuing resistance to TMT, please do not ignore the massive and intrusive military presence at Pohakuloa! It represents military occupation of the aina in a huge way. In particular, learn about and resist all aspects of depleted uranium, an extremely toxic substance when its dust is inhaled, as documented authoritatively by Dr., Lorrin Pang.

  4. Personally, I am a supporter of the TMT, for academic purposes. Astronomy helped the ancient & modern day Hawaiians, to successfully navigate throughout the Pacific Ocean.

    I am also a supporter of the TMT Hawaiian & Local Activists. We all follow, our own hearts & minds. Free thoughts, free will, and free beliefs.

    Old Hawaii and New Hawaii, are at great odds with each other. Concrete and foreign domination, in all aspects of Hawaii, are a reality. It is something that I find unacceptable.

    We must all pick & choose our political battles.

    I strongly believe, that all of the decommissioned telescopes should be removed, and all traces of their physical existence must be removed.

    In the early 1970s, I supported Kaho’olawe, Hokulea, Waiahole-Waikane, Heeia Kea, Makua Valley, the UH Law School (accreditation issues), and a few other movements that died on the vine.

    I was classified as a ‘radical’ like everyone else who actively took part.

  5. Mauna Kea is often translated literally as “white mountain” because of the snow that covers its summit. But Mauna Kea is a short version of Mauna a Wakea, a name that connects it to the sky father, Wakea. … The mountain is sacred. It is Wakea.

  6. leave the mountain alone the fake state has no grounds there to begin with was given to the kanaka to take care of we support our fellow kanaka with our hearts minds and souls forever and ever Aloha!

  7. What I have found troubling for the amount of time I have existed here in home of Hawaii is the seemingly easy willingness to forget our ancient beliefs and practices in favor of those brought here by foreigners telling and teaching us that their beliefs were truer and more valid and valuable than ours. A`ole !! Akua O ka Lani is the true God of the Hawaiian Maoli and Aupuni who powers and makes true and safe our culture and lives. Go back and face Akua O ka Lani and ask…”Show me where you want me…Tell me what to do”. Amene

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