Jurisdiction of ICC over Hawaiian Territory begins March 4, 2013


When the Hawaiian Kingdom deposited its Instrument of Accession with the United Nations Secretary-General on December 10, 2012 in New York City, the International Criminal Court (ICC) will possess jurisdiction over Hawaiian territory beginning on March 4, 2013. According to Article 126 of the Rome Statute, the ICC will have jurisdiction “on the first day of the month after the 60th day following the date of the deposit of the…instrument of…accession.”

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The ICC prosecutes individuals and not states for war crimes committed within occupied territories. Only states can accede to the jurisdiction of the ICC, and that Hawai‘i achieved the international recognition of its statehood on November 28, 1843 by joint proclamation of Great Britain and France and entered into extensive diplomatic relations and treaties with other states.

The justification for the accession was based on two points: first, the acting government is not able to enforce and prosecute individuals for violating Hawaiian law and the law of occupation taking place within Hawaiian territory; and second, the U.S. Pacific Command has refused to hold to account individuals for committing war crimes that have been reported since July 6, 2012.

UPDATE: According to the Rome Statute, the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) jurisdiction is limited to events taking place since July 1, 2002, which is the date the ICC came into existence. Since the Hawaiian Kingdom acceded to the ICC’s Rome Statute on December 10, 2012, the Rome Statute provides that jurisdiction for the ICC will begin on March 4, 2012. The Hawaiian Kingdom, however, can accept the jurisdiction of the ICC for the period before March 4, 2012, which will include events that have transpired since July 1, 2002. At this time, the Hawaiian Kingdom has not done so, but does reserve that right.

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    • I was born in Hawaii and 3 generations back , so all I know is Hawaii . I have cousins that have hawaiian blood . The only way to survive is give the judges nothing . You don’t defend your self in court you ask the question and have them provide with real facts , now when the ask them this you wil l get b.s. answer ” a bankrupt government cannot annex a kingdom of enormous wealth ! Also a corporation cannot annex a kingdom . by law both are true . yet this is ” The act of 1871 ” is when congress broke the constitution ” for ” america and made ” of ” america . Then when Obama became President the United State’s incorporated company broke their own statute that they must follow or they give back jurisdiction to the lawful U.S. Government . it says the President of the United States must be a natural born citizen . There isn’t a lawful treaty of annexation . 4 questions that they can’t dispute as facts , this is the reason for the u.s government wants Hawaii to accept any type of agreement the propose . To get some sort of agreement to try to justify illegal action’s . Because the damages done by laws that they made , agencies , corporation’s , everything attached the the Federal Reserve , IMF , businesses billing you , is illegal and this would make Hawaii the richest kingdom in the world and the people born in Hawaii billionaires . this is why hawaii is so important .

    • According to the ICC’s Rome Statute the Prosecutor can receive information on the commission of war crimes by referral from the U.N. Security Council, by referral from a State party to the Statute, or from communications from Non-Government-Organizations (NGO) or individuals.

  2. Congratulations Anu and everyone who is a part of this new vantage point. Hauoli Makahiki Hou! Mahalo Ke Akua for all the those who r holding up Da KUKUI. There is no place for them to hide now. You have all done an awesome job. We r here praying for you and your families. Ke Akua Ku mai oe i pali Kauwa. Let it apply to you. Jesu pu.
    Kanaka Maoli,
    Bethan Pualani Chandler Baptista

  3. We will see what happens. In the meantime we will continue to fight for justice.

    Malama Pono


  4. Aloha, Please have patience, this is a long comment with concerns that most people have on their mind and not sure how to pose it? E kala mai, I cannot ignore what my child brought up to me just now and the way she said it was very interesting and important questions for the kingdomʻs independent nation-state, to answer…she wants to know if we have a plan, to excite and involve our people to play their roles, at this crucial time of history, and is not the time to become complacent about what is happening in the world and at home with the recent protest on Jan. 16, 2013 at the capitol and uniting with Ritte and Shiva and to unite farms and farmers to the bigger picture and get a better assessment of the land and water avalability…not just to lay on our laurels knowing how the US is…not trust worthy with us. How do we forgive and protect ourselves from when the US money crashes? Or when the rest of the world is going crazy and there is, a military take over of their cities? Or when there is no electricity, food or water? I told her that, those are all great and observant questions to ask the kingdom. I explained to her that she has to have faith in ʻIo and that I understand where she is coming from. Most people in Hawaiʻi and the world are not prepared; no land to grow their own food and store water, is something, she didnʻt want to hear…she said, so what is the plan of the kingdom? So I post her question here for the kingdom to adddress (when you are ready) secondly, for the whole world to see, read and do what is right to do, now we all have a second chance to take this issue as far as we can until we are ready to declare that the kingdom is restored. We have some ideas and projects already going in certain areas, but not enough for everybody. Get kingdom support for our Waimanalo Advisory Council Plan 1984, applying Hawaiian Kingdom Laws; create jobs for the community participation to approve the plan and coordinate everything in that ahupuaʻa with the nationals and non-Hawaiians, willing to assist in our plans based on HK Laws…setting an example for all islands, to BE independent and free of exploitation of any kind of occupation. We have already started to bring together all the farms and put in more produce and workers to grow what is needed with those, who call Hawaiʻi their home…protecting our country with the next seven generations, to come.

    I guess the question should be? “Are We Prepared?” Is there enough food and water to sustain the people here? She asked, what is our (HK and nationals) plans for when the US dollars crash, there is no electricity, water, food and resources? real soon! Your opinion about those questions?

    For 25 years our ʻohana have supported the Hawaiian Kingdom Government…more so now, that they have exposed what we heard many years ago…that we remain an independent country…hello?

    We are an independent nation-state, who applauds Sai and his council for their hard work and spiritual presence to help our country and live and party amongst us.

    Dr. David Keanu Sai and his ministers cannot do everything themselves, from our perspective…we have to think how our kupuna would have done it? They were very inclusive and harvested the bright minds, the active ones and qualified speakers to form a hui and go out to educate…we would like a year long calendar of things to unite around with a definite intent in mind; farming, manging and controlling our lands and waters. My daughter expresses that; Just using the laws and hoping that all these countries in D.C., U.N. and Hawaiʻi are pono about our requests is not goo enough for her. However, they can read and monitor the development of our community plans in Hawaiʻi like; what is happening in Kawaa, Waimanalo, Waianae, Waiahole/Waikane, Northshore, and other places.

    Hawaiʻiʻs situation is truly a, “David vs. Goliath” and we know what happened there in Bible, during those times and what can happen here, in Hawaiʻi, in these times… but at the same time we are doing our best to stay away from being sucked into a fake civil war that benefits US corporationʻs profits…is, defeating our purposes as nationals and as a country that is an independent nation-state, trying to live in peace…aloha Keakua.

    Our tutu was Joseph and Benjamin in, The Story of Joseph, in the Bible…and some in our family carry on that tradition today…and as soon as my child started asking those questions I knew I had to write to this site, for your feed back.

    Keep up the good work! Imua Lanakila.

    Mahalo Pu,
    Kawehi Kanui, Kahu
    Waimanalo Ahupuaʻa

  5. Because the Hawaiian Islands and it’s people are currently under Occupation and have been for over a 100 years; it is by rule of International Law that says the Occupier’s Military is the Judge and Jury for the Occupied. The Military has not done their job to apply “Hawaiian Kingdom Laws” because of the widespread deception that Hawaii was part of the U.S. Now that Jurisdiction will be put back into the hands of the people of Hawaii; a temporary Military Court will be put in place to operate “Hawaiian Kingdom Laws”. Then the heads of this Fake state will be replaced by those of our choosing to then make ready for our Government to be restored to it’s proper place. An “Independence Day Celebration” will be fitting for all of us to partake in for the prayer’s of Queen Lilioukalani will now have been answered. Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono….

  6. Mahalo Anu and staff for all you do for the people of our nation. Let us all press forward with one heart, one mind, and one in purpose. Imua Kanaka Maoli.

  7. Hawaiian Kingdom:

    Please share light on the process of getting the US President to enforce the Law of Occupation in Hawaii and administer Hawaiian Kingdom Law? The obligation has lapse for over 120 years, what is the motivation to force the order? Is the UN the vehicle in which will drive the force into action? And if so, can you explain the process?

  8. Just following up on a thought. If the ICC has claimed jurisdiction, why does the state and federal courts continue to rule under United States Law? I realize that PAC COM is supposed to enforce Hawaii Kingdom Law but there is no real tangible movement by PAC COM, so why hasn’t the ICC stepped in? Appears they’re as silent as PAC COM.

  9. I want no one having jurisdiction but myself . act of 1871 made the u.s. a corporation and a corporation cannot annex a kingdom . a corporation is a dead fiction , a idea thought up by man and only existing on paper . something dead cannot control the living . I think this is a roman law but would have to check achieves . that’s it !!! This is the whole dam case against the U.S. incorporated , because a bankrupt government by law cannot attach it self to a country of wealth a and take control , neither can a corporation . also Obama acting as President who was not a natural born citizen is how the lawful U.S. government can stop this corporation because it broke the constitutional contract used as jurisdiction in all matter in the states ,

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