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  1. being born in Honolulu back in early 50’s ,adopted @ 7years by people who never should have been aloud to have kids let alone one of a different race. taken to N.Y. where I had to either fight or run away (I never ran) because I looked different ,was not fun. I still live in N.Y. and to this very day I find people who don’t like the way I look. I have been back to where I call home (Hawaii) only 2 times which has been in the last 10 years .I know that is where I belong but have long roots here and don’t know if they can be severed in this lifetime. But I know too well just what racial is all about.. may be I should write a book ???? 😉 lol, Kepano, Aloha to all my ohana, Steve Scribner

    • Mahalo for sharing your story, however unfortunate. But I will beg to differ, for perhaps at this very moment others/Ohana to whom share a similarity such as your(s) may be contemplating (should I or not). By your manaʻo / sharing the light of truth will shine and the brighter it gets the story will begin to unfold. Unfortunately, our Ohana who has already passed will not have that chance. I believe we have an oath to uphold the truth, if not to our Ohana(s) loyalty to the Crown then definitely to our future predecessors. Your the one weve been looking for.

  2. I relate to the picture in a way Steven…born in the early 40ies as a 3rd generation portuguese person who hardly attached to that tap root and instead was spiritually connected to the Hawaiian culture I was taken out of the islands in the early 50ies and spent 5 years on the east coast against my desires. My Kupuna wahine was denied the willingness to hanai me and I was gone. The first thing I faced in San Francisco was disrespect and ridicule from where I came though I appear caucasian. I got back home thru the USNR after 5 years to the day up there and was beyond grateful. I also didn’t run away choosing to fight and often. They were confused by my cultural behavior which I was confused by thinking everyone ought choose to live my way. I left again in 75 for personal reasons until Akua told me I had to come back “home” because my “soul was created here”. I had no tap roots up there…my tap root is spiritual connected thru Akua to Akua. Where ever you are hold on to and grow your mana.

  3. Much Aloha and MAHALO NUI LOA for your wisdom ..wish we could meat and talk story. Sounds like we have a lot in common…

  4. You too sound like you have much wisdom, wish we too could talk someday ….I feel so lost and alone. My mana is at a fork in the road and does not know witch one to take…

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