2 thoughts on “Hawai‘i Public Radio: Hawai‘i – Independent Nation or Fiftieth State?

  1. Ken Conklin wrote this comment on Hawaii Public Radio:

    Treaty of Annexation between the Republic of Hawaii and the United States of America (1898). Full text of the treaty, and of the resolutions whereby the Republic of Hawaii legislature and the U.S. Congress ratified it. The politics surrounding the treaty, then and now

    My questions to Mr Ken Conklin is:

    Who and how was the Republic of Hawaii created?

    Did anyone within the Republic Of Hawaii have anything to do with the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani?

    If the members within the Republic of Hawaii did overthrow Queen Liliuokalani were they in violation of International Law? and or Hawaiian Kingdom Law by ways of treason?

    How does U.S congress have jurisdiction outside of its own borders?

    Hope you, Mr Ken Conklin can answer my questions, I await your reply.


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