11 thoughts on “Hawai‘i Island National Parks to Celebrate Hawaiian Flag Day July 31

  1. Aloha Russell,

    I believe it’s necessary as part of the first steps towards the restoration of the HK, the return of Native Hawaiian history, culture, traditions, language and music, and the recognition of HK sovereignty by one of the World’s leading powers, Great Britain, in 1843. I believe both Native Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians should be educated, informed, and made aware with the same “sheet of music” so that we can all better understand, share, and appreciate the history of the HK rather than each person having their own understanding, perspective, and insight that may result in much confusion and chaos.


  2. Very interesting – the typical co-opting of culture in ways deemed acceptable by the State of Hawaii and US. Of course, the footer of the release makes the National Park Services’ intent clear: US benevolence in caring for our lands so all may experience our heritage.

    I imagine it’s a heavy responsibility for any Hawaiian serving as a cultural ambassador chosen to lead the historical presentation and flag honoring. Because to really honor this important day, I imagine it would require either putting this event into its true historical context, or else incorrectly conveying the intent and victory obtained in 1843 has somehow perpetuated since that time… or ignorance the true history and irony of this all.

  3. everyday is hawaiian flag day.

    the sovereign nation is perpetuated in righteousness.

    Aloha Aina
    till the last one… free hawaii

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