4 thoughts on “Dr. Williams Presents Hawaiian Patriots at Kamehameha Maui Campus

  1. Funny that my alma mater is finally supporting the truth,when my grandfather attended kamehameha and graduated in 1909,he was forced to learn English.He told me that if he hadn’t learned they would have starved him,as the only way he could get food,was to ask for it in English.

  2. This story, which I believe, is evidence which could be considered proving genocide and denationalization, may I ask you something? Your grandfather, whom I assume has passed, was at the school for a period of time. There would be lists, I assume, of instructors and administrators as the school, that would be available now. These names, positions, etc., would have been the one charged with doing this “English or hunger” policy. Any interest in doing a little investigation and identifying for example what classes your GF took and what the governance structure of the school was? just a thought. I wonder if KS maintains the records of classes, clubs, residences etc.. cheers.

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