9 thoughts on “Dr. Keanu Sai to Present at Harvard University April 8th

  1. Wow, Dr. Sai. First New York, Connecticut, and now Harvard?! What is this? The “H.K. Wave”?? Nice! Need to spread the word! I got hope for all this!!
    OHA is one of the sponsors? Well, that’s pretty interesting coming from an agency of the illegal U.S. State of Hawaii government!

  2. The gotta stay close…just gotta so they can appear Hawaiian too. Its like being there and then not being there. The papio that swims around the edge of the weke ula ready to bust the school up. Catch the papio but no throw it back in…let the cat play with it. lol

  3. Could you have someone record these presentations? Its one thing to see flyers, but to actually see the presentation would be awesome. When I tell people about you presenting at Universities they don’t believe me and think I’m making it up.

  4. I see. Haha. That would’ve been interesting if OHA was actually sponsoring the guest lecture. At first I was thinking to myself like, “What? Is OHA understanding this for real?”
    Yeah, Dr. Sai. I would really like to see some video recording on this lecture or of any of the other lectures you’re doing on the other arranged places you are presenting. I surely would like to see or hear the audience reactions!

  5. Some one please ask this question to Keanu Sai, I do not know if this is true but want confirmation if it is not or if it is. Did Britain trade with U.S. the treaty of protectorate over Hawaii? Someone claims this happened and I want to know if it is. And if it is, then what does this mean where we as Kanaka maoli is concern and our rights now?

    • Aloha Gale, In 1843 Great Britain was a party to the Anglo Franco proclamation recognizing Hawaii’s independence as a nation state. They could not have done that if they knowingly gave it to the USA as a protectorate. Subsequently in 1844 America also gave formal recognition of Hawaii’s status as an independent nation state. This demonstrates they had no claim to Hawaii. Always request valid documentation from anyone making a claim. If they can’t provide documentation then it’s a rumor. Hope this helps. MHO

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