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  1. YES, SINCE 1843, that would have been 178 years ago, OUR HAWAIIAN AMBASSADORS, TIMOTHEO HA’ALILIO, WILLIAM RICHARDS and SIR GEORGE SIMPSON, have gone around the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, EUROPE and SOUTH AMERICA for two + years to get RECOGNITION and our country be RESTORED as an INDEPENDENT NATION by INTERNATIONAL LAW and Humanitarian Rights.. “UA MAU KE EA O KA ‘AINA I KA PONO”

  2. Sorry but we have been going around in circle’s since the early 90s, what we need to do is get people voted in to the US Congress that can work for our cause, or lobby the ones already there to restore the Kingdom of Hawaii in it’s rightful place on the world stage, it’s going to be a hard sell but it can be done with enough money, if you really want to get down and out on this send a delegation to China and have them recognize the Kingdom of Hawaii as a sovereign country, remember we are a occupied country which means we are at war with the US.

    • CHINA? What we dont want is CCP involved w our Kingdom. because money is a problem w people today. People cant see beyond the dollar bill and completely forget why theyre there for. China might coerce the leaders to go into partnership for the Road Initiative china cant be trusted.(not the chinese people…THEYRE LEADERS CCP)

  3. Progress is moving forward and soon our Hawaiian kingdom will returned to it’s rightful people thank you for working so diligently in the restoration Aloha

    • Aloha Nohea, could you provide specific documentation that China wants Hawaii for themselves. I don’t see the logic or evidence for such a statement. China benefits more to help end the occupation and become a partner than it would as an occupier.

    • Have we made any head way in becoming a Sovereign Nation answer is No we tried a lot of different ways and nothing, we are still where we were 30 years ago it’s time to find different alternatives and if sending a delegation to China as a alternative then so be it, it could be any country but at this time China seems are best alternative doesn’t mean they will be in control just recognizing the Kingdom of Hawaii as a sovereign Nation would be a start other alternative is what I comment on before which you missed bringing up, that’s where the lobbing comes in, it would be a uphill fight but doable.

    • Sista, China is the Dragon n u r right. China is greedy to snatch up anything USA. ONE ROAD INITIATIVE would not b in our favor. China CCP is EVIL.. They already got biden n his son Hunter under their spell.

    • If you lost site of what the true meaning of annexation is, plainly we are a occupied Nation which means we are in a state of war, we as a Nation became complaint to American Rule that’s the problem and lets face it some of us wants to stay that way and that is a huge problem for the Kingdom and they will be on the bandwagon when we get our sovereignty back the 2 faces of the Kingdom.

  4. The principle of non-interference and non-intervention in the domestic affairs of another nation is a principle upon which China understands very well evident by their pubic statements. Indeed, the attack of Pearl Harbor and consequences thereof was not at all a violation of such principle but a mere check in balance towards US interventionism and privateering. US foreign policy interests are obviously not based in such principles nor ever was…even before the DoD was the Dept. of War. This is because their charter from Henry to Lodge and their constitution is based in the doctrine of Discovery. This is held up in various Supreme Court decisions. Then add the law merchant and there you go. Trade and peace jeopardized by US foreign policy interests and their capability to persuade and puppet the masses along. Too much US citizens acting like they not!

    • I agree with what your saying but my concern is getting the Sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii back in order the path we as a Nation will have to try since all the other paths seem to have failed we need to start thinking of alternative way’s of continuing the journey to sovereignty, what ever path we take if it moves the Kingdom forward then that’s what we must do and not get stagnate as we seem to be in, 30 years is to long took China that long from a zero economy to the second in the world today and we as a Nation is still where we started from.

      • Aloha alika, I understand your frustration but there is no need to disrespect those patriots and their accomplishments towards ending this occupation. There is no comparison between China and the HK. It’s like comparing a mango to a rock. China has an abundance of every possible resource available to them Internationally, nationally, economically, financially, militarily, along with a billion Chinese nationals on it’s side to accomplish it goals. How would you feel if I criticized you for not completing in 10 years the building all of Hawaii’s infostructure, roads, electrical, phone, water, public transportation, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, public housing when all you had to use was a pickup truck, cement mixer and power tools. Not fair uh? The more important point is that whatever has been done and what ever will be done in the future is done right. The architects drafted an accurate blueprint and the foundation layed down is plumb, level, and square. Build upon this and the finish product will be solid and last for generations to come. Slow and accurate beats fast and wrong.

  5. 😁 the true narrative came out of left field for Tavis. What everyone has to truly understand is annexation NEVER HAPPENED. A joint resolution which was drafted by the U.S. could not, under U.S. law, accomplish annexation. Yes, we are still occupied and have been over a 129 years. We are still the Hawaiian Kingdom as has been validated by the International Permanent Court of Arbitration. Think of it this way: if you owned a customized cherry bronze truck and I stole it is the truck still yours or is it mine by the right of possession? Now I decide to customize it to match my image and paint it red, white, and blue. Does it belong to me now or is it still yours? Yeah, we are a disenfranchised people owners of that red, white, and blue truck but were fed a false narrative to believe otherwise. Mahalo, Keanu, for your continuing persistence in seeking compliance. I believe I will see it come to fruition in my lifetime.

    • It’s still all noise we are still not a Kingdom no matter what any one say’s we might be in the worlds eyes but no country has come forward recognizing The Kingdom of Hawaii as a sovereign Nation it doesn’t matter if we say yes Hawaii is a Sovereign Nation but it’s just word’s do they really fill that way if so why don’t they make it official, then that would be a start to put the US Congress on notice.

      • Alika, checking what has been happening in the last few years in the International Court will prove very educational. Even viewing older posts in this blog will prove informative. We will have to agree to disagree…

        • It doesn’t matter what happens in the International Courts, what matters is whats going on, on the floor of the US Congress that’s where we have to make a impact or we will never get to be a Nation, another question are we set up to run a nation, has there been a debate on what kind of nation we will be what happens to all the people that have businesses and land houses etc:. are the royals know how to be royals, are we still going to be a service nation what will be our export if we are not a service nation on and on and on, or are we destined to be a failed nation because we have no idea how to be a nation, If we want to move forward then we better start acting like a Nation and start now, our royals should already be in the palace that would be the first step. from there we can start putting together what we want as a nation.

          • Alika, this is what you said in one of your posts in this thread “…If you lost site of what the true meaning of annexation is, plainly we are a occupied Nation which means we are in a state of war,…”

            In an occupation you don’t deal with Congress, you deal with the Head of State, State Dept. and the Military. The U.S. constitution gives the authority of foreign affairs to the Executive branch not Congress.

            This is the whole point on why the DOJ and court can’t legally use the political question doctrine to try and dismiss the complaint. Article 3 courts are creations of Congress. According to the U.S. Constitution Congress can’t pass laws to create anything in a foreign country. Only the President can create Article 2 courts in foreign territory or create laws in an occupied territory to achieve compliance to the laws of occupation.

            Hope this helps.

          • Sorry but your way behind, I was the one that brought up annexation, occupation, and the Kingdom in 1998, I also made it plain that if we wanted to move ahead when Clinton was in office is the time we should have made a move on becoming a Nation, but we lost that edge also I got the Indian Nations to have a pow wow to see if they could help, but there was no interest from the 2 fighting factions in Hawaii at the time, they were to busy trying to see who would be the factor in moving with the agenda, there was no agenda at that time, just a power play. I’ve been in this game from 1995 your just a noobie a pretender…The 2 faces of Hawaii

          • Alika, mahalo for that information and making my point. You’ve been in it since 1995 and still think you need Congress. Wow, I don’t need to say anything else, it won’t make a difference or help your situation. Aloha

      • Alika…the Kingdom of Hawaii ceased to exist in 1810 when our founding father united the islands and established the Hawaiian Kingdom.

          • In answer to your last comment, Last I heard Hawaii is still the 50th State of America Voted as a State by voter’s which lives by the Constitution of the United States and Congress makes the laws to that Constitution, unless we can change that status as a the 50th State we have a long road to travel, I understand what your saying I’ve studied that ever which way but it still remains we are the 50th State Voted by the people, I know it’s a mess and if you think Congress doesn’t play a major roll in this then we will still be where we are today, we had a chance to have it done when Clinton was in Office but we lost that chance, I know the president can change that if the outside court can change the status of what we are, but for me I would be happy to be wrong if that happens but We are still the 50th State and that’s a hurdle we will have to cross.

          • Aloha Alika what David is trying to say prior to 1810 there were four kingdoms Hawaii Oahu Maui and Kauai.
            Thanks David finally figured out how too.

          • Aloha Alika what David is trying to say there were four kingdoms prior to 1810 thanks David just learned now. Mahalo

  6. “They’re not targeting Hawaii because of our beaches. They’re targeting Hawaii because of the military installations…”

  7. YES… because of their filth, the military installation and being very DISRESPECTFUL and NOT CARING of OUR livelyhood.
    It’s the best lookout post for any intruders/ enemies, to attack their country, U.S.A.

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