Department of Interior Vs. Hawaiian Nationals Testimony, Keaukaha, HI July 2, 2014

July 2, 2014 the United States Department of the Interior meeting in Keaukaha to take public testimony on 5 questions regarding establishing a government to government relationship. An overwhelming number of people showed up to testify at all meetings across the state and almost all testified “no” to all 5 questions. This is the meeting in Keauaha on Hawai’i Island.

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  1. Aloha kakou, hoomanawanui, the questions that the department of interior is of no consequence to our people. We not gonna get nothing done from talking to the DOI, OHA,SOH,USA, etc. But ty DOI for waking the sleeping giant, and yes the Hawaiian Kingdom still exist, we just need to fill the offices. If you don’t know now that our Hawaiian Kingdom government has in its constitutional laws. In article 22 of the Hawaiian Kingdom constitution, we have our own process to restore our Kingdom Government. ARTICLE 22 of the 1864 constitution says this:

    [The Crown is hereby permanently confirmed to __________, and to the Heirs of His/Her body lawfully begotten, and to their lawful Descendants in a direct line; failing whom, the Crown shall descend to __________, and the heirs of his/her body, lawfully begotten, and their lawful descendants in a direct line. The Succession shall be to the senior male child, and to the heirs of his body; failing a male child, the succession shall be to the senior female child, and to the heirs of her body. In case there is no heir as above provided, then the successor shall be the person whom the Sovereign shall appoint with the consent of the Nobles, and publicly proclaim as such during the King’s life; but should there be no such appointment and proclamation, and the Throne should become vacant, then the Cabinet Council, immediately after the occurring of such vacancy, shall cause a meeting of the Legislative Assembly, who shall elect by ballot some native Alii of the Kingdom as Successor to the Throne; and the Successor so elected shall become a new Stirps for a Royal Family; and the succession from the Sovereign thus elected, shall be regulated by the same as the present Royal Family of Hawaii].

    I know to re-register our people will be insulting and tedious, but this is part of the process that we need to go forward. I am not sure if we can accept new citizens at this time, but all those who were citizens, counting there children and so on should register to vote in LEGISLATION according to our own laws. Then we should have local genealogist from around the islands to study and confirm the chosen ones who claim ALII status. whether it be KAMEHAMEHA line, KAHEKILI line, KEEAUMOKU line, KALAKAUA line, or any other high chief descendant.

    This will begin the process of independence for our people, using our own constitution and laws to rebuild. We dont need any help from the DOI, we have our own constitution to follow, even if take 1 year to get all kanaka to register, so be it, we not in a rush. Our ancestors went around the islands and got the ku’e petition filled, and never have cars then. Not going be easy but let us onipaa and move forward, this is the only pono way to proceed to malama our keiki o ka aina. Malama pono, malama aina, malama keiki, malama your kauna, aloha ke akua.

    ps. maybe Keanu can help with registration since he is interim
    ps. everyone can kokua to begin the proccess

  2. It is amazing the vocabulary being used and by the number of people. I can’t help but feel that we are about to see more and more people acknowledge our true history, very quickly. Every kanaka is tired of this, whether they know our true history of not. I think deep down inside they know something is wrong, they just don’t know how to explain it.

    • Hear, hear, Tim! If you have been reading the articles from the Star Advertiser lately regarding the DOI meetings, it is pretty amazing the vocabulary that is being said! For example, I’m finally seeing the legal general sentences such as “Hawaii is occupied…..” “That is a War Crime…..” “Laws of Occupation……” etc. I’m feeling the same thing too, Tim! Moreover, I’m feeling hope for the future with this kind vocabulary being spoken much more. This kind vocabulary is the one that is going to guide us into the possible future! Not the vocabulary of the occupation such as “federal recognition,” independence for Hawaii,” etc. That’s the kind vocabulary I should not be hearing! That’s all just gonna continue the frustration of this occupation and that’s not gonna guide anyone anywhere! And people who speak that kind vocabulary knows that! That’s why when you study Hawaii’s legal history and do the best you can to fathom it in your head, you’ll be speaking the correct vocabulary–the one that will not only make you use your head, but will guide you to the future!

      “Every kanaka is tired of this, whether they know our true history of not. I think deep down inside they know something is wrong, they just don’t know how to explain it.”

      Ohh! You feel that as well, Tim? ’cause I do too! Even before I found out about Dr. Sai’s research of Hawaii’s history or in general when I had no knowledge that Hawaii was a kingdom, I always felt something was wrong in the Hawaii I was taught about in early childhood. Eerily there were hints surrounding me throughout my indoctrinated life trying to tell me that something was wrong, but in the end, yeah, I couldn’t explain it either. Its a long story of how I manage to get out of it haha!

      But yeah, Tim. I fully agree with you! Even though the vast majority of the people of Hawaii are not aware of Hawaii’s legal history, furthermore not aware that Hawaii is occupied, they too do not like this occupation! One example of how I can tell why: The complaining of Hawaii’s high cost of living. I’m sure you’ve heard people around you complain about the way we have to survive under this occupation. I’m no exception; especially the young generation–the young generation, especially people I know, always complains about Hawaii’s high cost of living! As a result, they move from Hawaii to live in the U.S., where its much more cost-effective and cheaper! Whenever I hear people complain about Hawaii’s cost of living, I laugh and tell myself, “You want Hawaii de-occupied from the U.S. Even though you may not be aware of Hawaii’s legal history, you want the U.S. out of Hawaii.” And I frankly cannot blame that thought! I too want Hawaii de-occupied from the U.S.! If we get de-occupied from the U.S., we’ll have a much more better economy due to free trade, the way of living here will be cheaper due to lower taxes under H.K. Law, for instance, and above all, I am confident that all of us in Hawaii will be very wealthy due to compensation from the U.S. due to collection of illegal taxes from us and in general because of this occupation!

      In conclusion, living in occupied Hawaii is absolutely terrible! People act like its all okay with the U.S. being here and all, but look deep beyond their eyes, they’re absolutely miserable! Especially those that are unaware of Hawaii’s occupation!

  3. Descendant, I want to re register to vote in LEGISLATION according to our own laws. Where do I sign up? What documents are required for such process? Guarantee, I descend from makaainana, so should be the short form. No claims to alii status here. If you speak to Keanu anytime soon I’m serious about it. Perhaps we can register on-line at Anyone out there re-registered yet?

    • This is only my thoughts on how we should proceed but I don’t think re-registering is that important. If you descend from a Hawaiian national, be it aboriginal, natural born, denizen or naturalized, then you are a Hawaiian national and only you can rescind that reality. The purpose I used the word re-register is to bring together all Hawaiian nationals into one registry. All the groups out there need to come together, you know who you are. Begin to unite and begin the process to rebuild our kingdom. We don’t need any help from the SOH, OHA, DOI, or USA. All Hawaiian nationals if you looking for someone to help restore our government then look in the mirror and you will find it. All you have do is open your mouths and open your hands, spread the news to all the people, lend a hand if you have time.

      The 2014-2015 KU’E petition? This petition is exactly the same as the one our ancestors signed, asking to restore the Kingdom of Hawaii. All the districts in Hawaii can participate in the process to help. Protocols to follow are only Hawaiian Nationals can sign, there is a list of the naturalized, and denizen citizens on Keanu’s website. aboriginals should have a separate petition so we can confirm the names. We know now that we have the right to do this and with out the help or interference of other states. So we keep the petition and use it as a registry for voters also use it to bring together all the Hawaiian nationals. Only Hawaiian nationals would be able to sign the petition, because this is the rebuilding process. After the Hawaiian Kingdom is restored with full legislation, then can go ahead and begin to accept new citizenry or naturalize foreigners.

      Having an overwhelming amount of Hawaiian nationals sign the 2014-2015 KU’E petition will act as vote to restore the Hawaiian Kingdom. Second it will be used for registry of voters so we can begin the process. Everyone needs to help/kokua.

      I don’t know if Keanu doing this, but anyone can begin this, get one certified copy of the KU’E petition and make copies minus the signatures. Go around your home town or district and ask Hawaiian Nationals to sign the 2014-2015 KU’E petition. Keep in touch right here on this post and let the petition circulate till 2015 around june/july. There is no separating group here, im talking about the kingdom of Hawaii and not a sovereignty group and the ones who is leading this is all Hawaiian nationals, who ever like stand up and begin. Mahalo ke akua malama pono

  4. The feedback the department has received so far through written comments online and from two weeks of public meetings in Hawaii overwhelmingly rejects that route. But the department is continuing to accept written comments until Aug. 19 and also will hold a series of meetings from July 29 through Aug. 7 in Native American communities on the mainland to get more feedback.
    This was a paragraph taken from Hawaii free press. I for the life of me do not understand why the DOI would take testimonies on the continent. They have nothing to do with HAWAII.

      • Aloha pomai thank you for sharing the link to the video. I can’t believe how out of control this whole thing got. From the testimonys with the DOI now I’m hearing about casinos on crown land. What the hell is going on. Just to think we have people supporting act 195 is beyond me. It should be looked upon as treasonous and we all know what the punishment for treason under HK law is. Mahalo Pomai

        • Aloha Kealii

          Sorry for the misspell. Just wanted to share a different point of veiw. Don’t know if it is true or not. Just have to wait and see.

          What has been constant is that cool calm breeze from the 90s till today known as keanu.

          That 5min segment on the morning news answering our political history and Dr Crabbe’s famous question. Just blew me away.

          The seeds he has sown is so evident in those’s doi meetings.
          Yes, a giant has awoken.

          It’s time to strive for the highess

          Mahalo Kealii, we are living in an exciting times.

          Aloha Ke Akua

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