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    • kanakamaolipower, Our independence was not killed only suppressed by the occupation. The evidence that our country is still independent is by the reality that we are able to operate at the PCA and have other countries formally receive our diplomats and file complaints on our behalf at the PCA and U.N. General Assembly. We need to remove the chains from our brains and not believe the lies of the occupier.

      • perhaps an analogy on the ‘independence’ issue would be helpful in sorting out understandings and feelings. Assume you ‘own’ a car. You got title to the car in say 1843. You have legal title to the car. In 1893, a robber sticks a gun in your face and shoves you in the back seat while the robber takes the wheel. You own the car. The robber has control of the car. Whose car ‘is it’? It’s your car. The robber has it but the robber doesn’t have the ‘right’ to it. You love the car and want to celebrate the day you were awarded title to the car. No one ‘killed’ the car. No one ‘killed’ your legal right to the car. A sale of contract [let’s call it a treaty] between you and the robber ‘might’ have transferred title to the car to the robber [not if signed with a gun in your face or if someone other than you sign the contract’]. You love the car, you love the day you got the car. You can celebrate the ‘car’ and you can anticipate and work for getting possession of your car back. How you feel about it is up to you, most certainly. How others feel about it is up to them, also most certainly. Cheers and Aloha.

    • Furthermore, if do not celebrate our national holidays, especially Independence Day, then we are endorsing the propaganda narrative that Hawai’i is legally part of the United States. And it is not.

  1. The only way that the Kingdom of Hawaii can be restored is through Aloha, Righteousness and Unity. Just as our State Motto Recites: “The Life of the Land is perpetuated in Righteousness.” If we would do this, we could see the Kingdom of Hawaii restored. We need to re-establish the profound vision of the Last Alii of Hawaii. We must remember that the old gods and kapu system were literally destroyed in 1819 by the Alii. The arrival of the Missionaries was in 1820. The next 80 years saw good and bad but basically the change was good until greed got in the way and the Kingdom was illegally annexed to the United States. But during that time the Alii were coming to a Biblical understanding of God’s Biblical Commandments needed to bring peace and order and righteousness to the Kingdom of Hawaii. Even the Seal of the Alii has 5 crosses clearly set on the Kings Crown in submission to Christ Jesus as LORD and KING of KINGS. There is much more to be understood concerning the default issues. But the teachings of Christ Jesus are in total alignment with the vision of the last Alii: http://www.mamalahoa.org/mamala-hoa/the-12-core-values-of-mamala-hoa/
    So may the Great Creator, Aloha ke Akua give you HIS understanding of the core values of Aloha, Righteousness and Unity needed by all who now call Hawaii as their home regardless of color or time of immigration. I have ministered here in Kona for nearly 45 years, 18 years to hippies and church restoration. Hawaii is my only home. Personally I would like to help see the Kingdom of Hawaii Restored if the land can be perpetuated in Aloha, Righteousness and Unity. Kahu Ken Smith,

    • Kahu Smith, it is impossible for God to forgive the sinner if they do not repent for their sins. Remember the two sinners that were being crucified along side Jesus. One accepted the Truth, was forgiven and went to be with Jesus. The other did not accept the Truth, was not forgiven and got rejected by Jesus. You should not concern yourself with what the victims need to do because we will do what Jesus would do. Concern yourself with preaching the truth to the sinners that Hawaii is illegally occupied by the United States. This way if they accept the truth and repent they can be accepted into the Kingdom. If they choose to reject the truth then we do what Jesus did and reject them. We all should be like Jesus. Amen

  2. “If we are ever to have peace and annexation the first thing to do it to obliterate the past.”
    Samuel Damon, “Minutes,” Council of State (Provisional Government of the Hawaiian Islands, 1895). 26 November 1895. Hawaii State Archives Series 424 Vol. 4.

  3. Know your place in history, Ku’e & Onipa’a, don’t be misled by the propaganda, conditioning and indoctrination for the past 125 years under the continued and prolonged occupation of the usurper, yes the USA! We are the evidence and not the crime! The time to be Pono, clear and concise is now, we are not revisionist historians, by simply exposing dormant facts and circumstances since the Bayonet Constitution of 1887 that began the Huli Au! We are in a process of transition going back to the future! ICJ Hearings Januaty 16th & 17th, 2018 @ the Charles Kanaina Bldg.!

    • Aloha Colin, I think the PCA fact finding is delayed because of malfeasance by the Secretary General of the PCA. He has gone outside of his mandate and the rules of the PCA and stopped the proceedings. A complaint has been filed and he probably is going to be impeached. It is clear he is not impartial and acting as an agent for the United States. Wonder what they gave or promised him to do something so idiotic. Like no one was going to figure it out.

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