13 thoughts on “Celebrating Hawaiian Independence: Dr. Keanu Sai to Present on the Palace Grounds

    • Respectively disagree. Fact is fact. Our independence is intact. It’s the occupation that people need to become comfortable speaking about. The fact that media refuses to speak about facts, instead focusing on beliefs and feelings is up to each individual to identify. ✌️️

      • Aloha kāua e Noelani!

        I also respectfully disagree with your disagreement. Independence in an occupied country is illogical. To feel comfortable with the occupation is the occupiers’ line, so if you are one of them it is an understandable endeavour of yours to support your masters, but if you are one of the Hawaiians living under the occupation of a foreign power, it is considered treason, and speaking about our occupation comfortably is the same as speaking about treason comfortably.

        For us it is na hana pōʻalo maka ā ka ʻai a Kaiaʻupe paha.


        • I respect where you live Kanaka! You are free! ?In the future please don’t skew the conversation. I said people should become comfortable speaking about the occupation, not comfortable with the occupation. Again though, it’s beliefs vs. facts. Truth is Kanaka are an independent people which I think? we both agree on, and there is an occupation which is obvious. This day, these lectures, help to educate. You suggest it is somehow a detriment. Respectfully disagree. ✊ Aloha!

  1. “How can you celebrate what we don’t have?” The more significant question demands from those who claim they have our shit is proof of ownership. Where these questions are adjudicated and how those issues through this egregious western legal process twists will further impact native claims effecting our operative manao moving forward. Keanu brings light to a very dark place.

  2. I agree with Noelani..its a national holiday under the Hawaiian Kingdom..I won’t be surprised that we have two Independence holidays in the future.

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