Canadian Television Series “Native Planet” on Hawai‘i’s Occupation

Native Planet

In the Fall 2014 APTN television in Canada will be airing six one-hour TV documentaries of the television series Native Planet. Episode 4 was shot in the Hawaiian Islands. In this episode, Host Simon Baker travels to Hawai‘i to examine the growing sovereignty movement and how it helped halt construction of the largest public infrastructure project in Hawaii’s history. Here is a trailer for that episode.


11 thoughts on “Canadian Television Series “Native Planet” on Hawai‘i’s Occupation

  1. Aloha Ohana! As I viewed the trailer I realized that what they did then in the United States to take over Hawaii did not and still does not have any effect here in Hawaii. I’ve heard Keanu say this a million times. Today it just hit me more clearly then ever that it still doesn’t have any effect. I wonder if we all decided together to abide by Hawaiian Kingdom Law and just observe our Hawaiian Kingdom National Days on every Island, what would that look like? Just this one thing to celebrate who we are and what we are in November during the time of Thanksgiving Holiday. I would love to hear what other Ohana have to say about this. Please comment!!!!

    • Yep! The Occupying Power has nothing to prove, but rhetoric! They keep on practicing this rhetoric, the consequences for them are just even more severe! In fact for our Occupying Power, the consequences are severe already. No doubt about it! And they are worldwide!

      Well, I have started to slowly adhear to H.K. Law. Mostly now I’m just studying about it and boy, I honestly love our penal and civil laws! Personally I don’t think I want them to change. Maybe some needs to be adjusted to modern society, but personally I don’t want them to change. Especially the punishment! For example, unlike in occupied Hawaii, the death penalty exist! For specifically the crimes of treason, murder, and raping a female child under 10 years of age! One of my two personal favorite laws are assault and battery under Penal Code CHAPTER 9, SECTION 8. Punishment for that is 50 lashes on the person’s back, fined and sentence to hard labor for any number of years of maximum of 5! Another one of my favorite laws is Vagrants––Disorderly Persons (CHAPTER 37) Lets just say that unlike in occupied Hawaii, that law could likely solve our homeless problem! With these kind laws re-enforced and not amended as much, I’m sure Hawaii could be a much more happy and safer place unlike under this occupation!

      Oh, yes! I’m also starting to celebrate Hawaii’s holidays like Restoration Day (July 31st) and especially Independence Day (November 28th) instead of “July 4th!” (Its not my country so its not my holiday) Of course, when I said “happy independence day” on November 28th last year, some people found my confused! Haha! Well, that’s expected considering this occupation…..

      Mahalo nui, Pualani!

      • Aloha Pualani,

        I too believe in the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom and I also believe there should be amendments for specific reasons, (1) Keep Hawaiian Lands in Hawaiian Hands and (2) To eliminate any thought of personal gain by an elected official or any person appointed to a position of authority within the Hawaiian Kingdom Government.

        The American form of government allows government officials to prosper with so called kick backs and personal favor’s, from personal interest groups and big money corporations. The amendments that I feel should be put in place to insure the integrity of any elected office or appointed position stays clean, should be laws with penalties so severe that individuals would seriously think twice about compromising the integrity of their position.

        This would be my hope to eliminate corruption in our Kingdom.

        The first amendment I would like to see, is that only Hawaiian’s (Kanaka Maoli) can own land in Hawaii. This would insure Hawaiian Lands Stay in Hawaiian Hands.

        The second amendment would be that No Non Hawaiian’s can hold office hear in Hawaii. They should live in Hawaii for a minimum amount of years before holding office and must be a subject of the Kingdom Of Hawaii.

        The third amendment would be regarding laws and penalties for corrupt elected and appointed officials.

        There should be automatic prison time for anyone convicted of corruption while serving as an elected or appointed official.

        There should also be total confiscation of all assets, property, money and real estate from anyone convicted for corruption while serving as an elected or appointed official. If it is found that a family member of a convicted elected or appointed official is guilty of hiding assets for the convicted elected of appointed official, they too will have there assets confiscated by the Kingdom.

        This would be the same for those who try to bribe, sway, coerce or threaten an elected or appointed official.

        The reason for the severe penalties is to eliminate the possibility of someone being convicted after making millions of dollars, serving prison time and coming out and living life on easy street with their ill gotten gains.

        A Hui Hou,

  2. Aloha nei! This cameo piece of video by Simon Baker with Dr Keanu is an example of coming events on Hawaiian Kingdom Restoration and eventual US Compliance, the world will be informed of the truth and bewildered no more. The national and International newswires will certainly follow suit and resonate our message of freedom.

    Me ka pono.

  3. ALOHA….I just love this web sight. Every time I come here. I learn something knew. As a kid in elementary school in the sixties. I remember they telling us how much the Queen love America so she gave Hawaii to America. By the time I got home from school. I could see my farther and my uncles driving these old beat up cars and my anties living in the projects. This hawaiian give away thing didn’t make sence to me. It wasn’t till the nineties when I first heard Keanu’s version of our history complete with pictures. I still remember seeing that Hawaiian deed with the Queens name stretch out and Sanford dole written in. I get it now. Today I’m glad that Keanu is still sharing our history with us and around the world. One thing I notice with Keanu’s history, there’s always something new he always adds on. Mahalo Dr Sai ……To Pualani and to all our Ohana out there, everyday is Independence day in HawaiiNei….. MAHALO KEAKUA

    • This information gets better and better.

      Two points we should remember why the 1864 Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution is still legal: 1) July 5, 1887, A.F. Judd submitted a new Constitution and under his advisement, convinced and obtained King Kalakaua’s signature. However, King Kalakaua did not have the authority to repeal the 1864 Constitution without legislative approval and was scheduled to reconvene until 1888. Thus under force the “Bayonet Constitution” illegally became de facto law to include the aboriginal vote. 2) Queen Liliuokalani planned to reinstate the lawful constitution on January 14,1893 but was interrupted by the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government removing her from her thrown. Therefore, the 1864 Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution is still valid.

      I agree too with Iolani. We should all celebrate Hawai`i’s two very important days: 7/31, La Ho`i Ho`i Ea and 11/28, La Ea. Count me in.


      • Auwe, kalamai ia`u. I meant to say, …”Bayonet Constitution” illegally became de facto law to EXCLUDE the legal aboriginal vote.

        Since we are under an illegal occupation, all laws imposed upon Hawaii nei since 1893 are illegal, including the Kana`iolowalu aka Roll Commission funded through OHA. They cannot claim ignorance. They have been told the truth but have continued to spread their lies. Whether they got the votes or not doesn’t make it legal. The wasted money could have been used it to further educate the public to move to de-occupy. the culprits have knowingly committed war crimes themselves, our country and international laws. I wonder what they will revert to now.


  4. Ae, Pualani. I agree with you and the comments posted. Here is my mana’o.

    Today, I believe Kanaka Ma’oli need to understand that they have rights that the State of Hawaii and the US government do not acknowledge and stand for those rights. Queen Liliuokalani’s actions preservered those rights forever. Even getting people to sign away their rights, that they never knew they had, could be argued as illegal, due to the prolonged illegal occupation and “Americanization” of our people.

    This is such a confusing mess that these foreigners have created and still continue to nurture to this day. For me, the following helped me understand who I am, what is going on and what I need to do.

    Know your genealogy. This can be very confusing and difficult, however extremely rewarding as you will know who you are and where you came from. I was raised in the mainland and now call Kaua’i my home. I was trying to figure out what it meant to be a Hawaiian, which brought me to Dr. Keanu Sai’s research.

    Secondly I would study our TRUE modern history, provided by Dr. Keanu Sai’s research, in order to understand your rights, priviledges and obligations as a Hawaiian (Nationality). This should be shared with everyone that you come in contact with. When they say you are “crazy”, let them know their is no legal or factual proof for what they believe, where your “crazy” concept is supported by a mountain of evidence including the US Constituion.

    Thirdly, I would read our mo’olelo or oral traditions. Very exciting things in our oral traditions, many unbelievable or unexplainable. Please keep in mind that our people did not have a written language and that in societies that did not have a written language, lying was not acceptable. We were not an isolated people in the Pacific. People came from many different lands and we traveled to many different lands. Pupuhuluana is one of my favorite mo’olelo. At the end of this story Pupuhuluana is sent to a far away land, by the cheif, to get food plants. The cheif instructs pupuhuluana, “when you get there tell them the plants are for me.” If we were isolated, why would anyone know who this individual was. Something to ponder.

    Practice olelo hawaii. Use the hawaiian language as much as possible. It feels good and makes your kupuna happy.

    Study world history. I believe this is really important to fully understand everything that was happening between 1778 and 1893.

    We are truly bless as a people and we cannot forget that. As Dr. Sai’s says “Once you know your genealogy, you will know what you need to do.”

  5. Aloha Tim, you are on the right track. According to the laws, in an occupation no annexation can take place. It is prohibited by law even with the consent of the nationals and the legitimate government of the
    occupied state.

  6. I should have included in my previous post that even with consent the law prohibits the nationals and the legitimate government of the occupied state from changing their nationality. Issues of annexation or change of nationality which includes rights can only be dealt with after the occupation ends. Mahalo

  7. Thank you everyone for sharing. This is getting better every day. There are other sticks on the fire pile that are catching fire. I’m ready to roast marshmallows papa’a to da max. I know that one of the things I’m gonna do on the days of National Holidays is to have a bon fire with da Ohana and do da pulehu thing. Imua Ohana! I fee the Ohana coming together. YEAH!!!!

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