9 thoughts on “Beyond the Statue: President William McKinley High School in Honolulu as an Institution of Denationalization

  1. Any REMINDER(s), to ALL AM. INSTITUTIONS/ or IDEALISTS …. in BODY, MIND and SPIRIT……. that by DENATIONALIZING our TRUE IDENTITY…., as KO HAWAI`I PAE `AINA, that “WE:” as HAWAIIAN SUBJECTS” that lives on these small islands will VERY, VERY, SOON, be RESTORED!!!!!

  2. Aloha, keep the evidence of the crime intact, it also proves I.d. theft of the true people’s of these Islands-we didn’t consent then and still do not consent into being an american, greed/coveting/false witness- are their actions of evil they have wrought upon a friendly/fellow Christian independent nation, and it still rolls on as if everything is ‘normal’, enslavement of a fellow Christian nation needs to be addressed and put on that list of crimes that the board of UN will review as a top priority subject matter concerning UN RESO 1469/8246- ?(A246)…ASAP W/ IMMEDIATE AND SPEEDILY CORRECTIVE MEASURES TO STOP THIS ONGOING ACTS OF GENOCIDE BY FAKE STATE

  3. We have the capability to not accept the rights and privileges of the political identity Congress established for all their intents and purposes. We have the capacity of knowing the inherent contradiction and political question which arises when we make such administrative claims and accept such privileges based upon congressional acts. A notarized affidavit of Nationality Renouncing US citizenship is all one needs to stand in their correct deportment and redeem their political status.

  4. UA MAU KE EA O KA AINA I KA PONO O IESU KRISTO! Without the Righteousness of Jesus Christ the Hawai’ian Kingdom with not be restored! The reason the Hawai’ian Kingdom was overthrown was due to leaving out Iesu Kristo and His Righteousness from His rightful place in the Kingdom. If we make the same mistake again we will have the same results. There are some who do not believe that, my prayer is that they repent! A true Hawai’ian is one in Spirit and Truth! the Truth is that Flesh and Blood will pass, Spirit and Truth will last! If you would like to continue this communication, please feel free to contact me, at: MakaalaStone@outlook.com, or call me at: 18082836763. UA LAWA MAKOU I KA POHAKU, I KA ‘AI KAMAHA’O O KA AINA! your brother in Christ, Maka

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