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  1. KIPAPA EDUCATOR REOURCES….interested in TWO Simultaneous Events of 1843,……. “LA KU’O KO’A—INDEPENDENCE DAY” & “LA HO’IHO’I EA—RESTORATION DAY”.


  2. TO ALL OF OUR “LOVING” PEOPLE,… our Nationals, our Ko Hawaii Pae `AINA, our Kanaka Maoli, our Hawaiian Subjects…..PLEASE, REMEMBER, this coming Saturday, November 28, 2020, would be127 years, SINCE, WE`VE BEEN OCCUPPED, by the UNITED STATES in AMERICA! It’s been done ILLEGALLY & UNLAWFULLY, NOW, it`s time to RETURN…”UA MAU KE EA O KA `AINA I KA PONO”.

    `ONIPA`A KAKOU—-Ceci, Francis and `OHANA KUPAU

    • Aloha Cecilia,
      This is Maka’ala Stone, I have been reading your comments that you have posting on this blog site for quite some time now, and I appreciate your insight on the relationship that exists between the United States of America and the Hawai’ian Kingdom.
      I appreciate your Christian perspective on that relationship, because I believe that it is tied into the prophetic revelation that is revealed in the Word of God pertaining to the “Time of the End” that this world is now experiencing.
      As a Christian observing the prophetic events transpiring all around us, and knowing the true history of Hawai’i, especially since its entrance onto the worldstage since 1778, do you “see” the incompleteness within the motto of the Hawai’ian Kingdom as given, UA MAU KE EA O KA AINA I KA PONO” and its full rendering, which I believe should be, “O IESU KRISTO?”
      I believe that leaving out Jesus Christ from our motto is the crux of our problem, because as any Christian should know, it is only by the Righteousness of Iesu Kristo can the life of our land be perpetuated!
      I would truly appreciate your mana’o, on this.
      If you would like to respond to this communication please feel free to contact me, at: MakaalaStone@outlook.com, or call me, at: 18082836763, which is my preferred way to communicate. Your brother in Christ, Maka

      • Aloha Makaala Stone, hopefully you will get an answer from Cecilia. However, since your question and opinion is on an open forum I will comment.
        You put too much emphasis on a motto which was never meant to be a motto. Theses words were spoken by Kamehameha III in a speech that addressed the restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom from British Occupation instigated by Lord Paulet and ended by Admiral Thomas. These words were meant to address that specific event and was not intended to be a motto although it ended up adopted as one. So it is complete for what it was intended for and not what you may think it was intended for.
        So I have to disagree with you that leaving Jesus out of our motto is the crux of our problem. That is ridiculous. He could care less about being in a motto. The crux of the problem is that leaders of so called Christian countries leave Jesus out of their hearts and minds. Jesus cares more about being in there rather than a motto because that is what would make the difference.
        But if you are still hung up about God being referenced in our Kingdom then don’t look at the motto since it has no real impact. King Kamehameha III referenced God in a place where it makes the most impact and that is in the Declaration of Rights and more specifically the preamble to the Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution.
        1. “That no law shall be enacted which is at variance with the word of the Lord Jehovah, or at variance with the general Spirit of His word. All laws of the Islands shall be in consistency with the general spirit of God’s law.”

        Peace out.

        • Aloha KeKoa,
          If that is your real name, if not, it is time to step out of the shadows into the Light of Truth! Don’t be afraid, the Lord will be your rearguard!
          I agree with you that a motto, in itself, Jesus “could care less about being in!’
          However I believe that you have missed the Tree for the forest!
          My focus is on the Righteousness of Jesus Christ, not on the motto!
          I believe that the history of the Hawai’ian Islands, and the Hawai’ian Kingdom, proves conclusively that the LIFE OF THE LAND IS NOT BEING PERPETUATED BY THE RIGHTEOUSNESS THAT IS BEING LIVED NOW!
          To Jehovah, our righteousness, singly or as a nation, is as a stench in His nostrils of “bloody rags!” If you get my drift!
          I will continue going thru your reply in another post later. I must go now.
          I really appreciate you entering into this communication, “Kekoa!” “Iron sharpens Iron” as the Word says.
          Please feel free to contact me anytime at my email address or call me at: 18082836763.
          In the Word of God, stones were often set up as a witness to the Truth of His Word. It is so, in this instance.

          • Aloha Makaala, maybe I should remind you of your own posting “…I believe that leaving out Jesus Christ from our motto is the crux of our problem,…” This is what you said. That is what I addressed.
            IMHO using the motto as an illustration for your religious belief regarding Hawaii’s occupation is not the best choice.
            You can better serve your God and the people by providing a solution to our problem.

  3. Not all choose Jesus (although respected) as their higher power. Acceptance of each others choices is paramount so that we may live without judgement of others or our choices. Acknowledge Nov. 28, as a diverse and Open-minded country.

    • Not all choose Jesus as their higher power. More important to have acceptance of others choices without judgement. Acknowledge Nov. 28th as our diverse and Open-minded country. We were all inclusive, let’s stay that way. Peace on earth, and the universe.

      • Olivia, maybe you should read the second point of the HK preamble. It covers your concerns about the acceptance of other religions and their worship. But just to be clear the HK does belong to Jehovah and we are stewards entrusted to maintain his Kingdom.
        II. “All men of every religion shall be protected in worshiping Jehovah, and serving Him, according to their own understanding,
        but no man shall ever be punished for neglect of God unless he injures his neighbor, or bring evil on the Kingdom.”

        • Aloha Kekoa,
          Or whoever you are.
          You know what’s funny, you did EXACTLY what I thought you would do! And shined on the rest!
          Come out! Come out! Whoever you are!

          Moving on. Let’s address the issue of”my religious beliefs ” which happens to be the religious beliefs of those who you claim you honor!
          If it was not for the Aloha of our God who inspired our Ali’i, who He called out of darkness into His marvelous Light, helping the wonderful men and women (aka; missionaries) who He chose to heed the anguished cry of the HAWAI’IAN people, who had woken up from the evil and oppressive “Kapu System” that abused us Maka’ainana, we would not have been able to deal with the incredible changes that our ancestors were placed in!
          Iesu Kristo allowed the overthrow of the Hawai’ian Kingdom (Naboth’s Vineyard) to happen, because His ways are higher then our ways, but His purpose in orchestrating the relationship between the United States of America (Ahab) and the Missionary Party + (Jezebel) will soon be revealed to the whole world!
          Whoever you are, God will not be mocked, ANYMORE! You may live to see the manifestation of the Glory of God over HIS islands! Please go to: Psalm 2, and prayerfully meditate on what is being said there, if you really want to know the solution to our predicament. Also,check out Daniel chapter 2, especially verses 34-35, and 44-45. This will reveal to you the Final Solution to this Satanically inspired Civilization!
          I must go now, but I want to thank you, whoever you are, for this opportunity to have this dialogue.
          Anyone out there “in the blue nowhere” who is Interested in this discussion please feel free to email me or call me ,at: 18082836763. UA MAU KE EA O KA AINA I KA PONO O IESU KRISTO!

  4. Aloha Kekoa,
    Please forgive me, if I have offended you in any way. My purpose for responding to your first post to me, was to reach out to you, Maka’ala you, so that you may truly “see,” with spiritual eyes, the coming Kingdom which, like the Pearl of Great Price hidden in a Vineyard,, is very close at hand!
    As you know the the Kingdom is not about flesh and blood, but about Spirit and Truth! To be a Kingdom National is based on Spirit and Truth. In other words you must be born again to “see” and to enter the Kingdom.
    It’s not about how much you know about history or the laws that regulate our lives, though they have there place! Its about the coming King of the Hawai’ian Islands, the United States of America, Russia, pick a name of a Country! For every knee (nation) will bow and every tongue will praise the Righteous King who’s Righteousness PERPETUATES THE LIFE OF THE LAND! I love you Kekoa, and would love to see you in the restored Hawai’ian Kingdom – of God, our Righteousness!

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