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  1. Aloha and mahalo to both of you for the video,love the part about the timeline leading up to the present.Hapai oe,hapai au,i luna kakou. I lift you,you lift me,Together we ascend.

  2. Aloha
    Its always a pleasure to hear the latest from keanu. Keala is so good in bringing out the story. Love the time line too.
    Kanaka history in the making.
    Can you feel the preasure???

    171 years
    Long live the Hawaiian Kingdom

  3. Mahalo nui, Dr. Sai for clarifying on the War Crime of De-nationalization. Wow! First U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder resigns and now Admiral Samuel Locklear, head of the U.S. Pacific Command, is now being replaced. I cannot tell if something fishy is happening or its just an amazing coincidence. It cannot be both.

  4. This is so funny, when I first heard holder was resigning I told a friend that you would know the time is near when Locklear leaves and there you have it.
    Now if only these lolo state officals would recognize what these smart guys are doing then they would start to look at their own self preservation. Start to comply with the laws of occupation under necessity to avoid war crimes. If you guys think the U.S. will be here to get your back on this one you are fools. You will be the sacrificial lambs for doing their dirty work. So my advice to you is to start this de-occupation from the bottom up and let them be the ones who are non-compliant and responsible for the war crimes. SO SIMPLE.

    • You’re so right Kekoa!

      Individual accountability is extremely crucial here on out!
      No longer can the occupier remain united when evidence
      is clear of wrong doing, however to remain united will be
      at the expense of the sacrificial lambs whether they are
      ignorant or not!
      We are witnessing an implosion of corruption!
      A lot of us had put to memory the U.S. pledge of allegiance,
      perhaps one takeaway from it is that we learned that divided
      they will fall!

      It would be an advantageous time to isolate the powers
      of the State of Hawaii’s Governor Neil Abercrombie and
      the State of Hawaii’s Attorney General David M. Louie
      based upon Professor Chang’s letter to the United States
      concerning the unlawful occupation of the Hawaiian Islands
      while allowing Lt. Governor Shan Tsutsui and Deputy
      Attorney General Colin J. Lau to function in a limited
      capacity until the U.S. respond to Professor Chang’s
      Should Abercrombie and Louie continue to function despite
      service of process to stand down with respect to professor
      Chang’s demand upon the U.S. would be a violation of
      international laws on an individual basis.
      This opportunity is in reverse of what was done to our Queen!!
      Professor Chang’s demand should also be served upon
      the State of Hawaii Court Administrator so that the Judges
      operating in Hawaii will be wise to stay all non-criminal
      cases involving Hawaiian issues! Just my mana’o!!

      A hui hou

      • Aloha,

        I agree with Kanekeawe. I believe Professor Chang should serve his letter to both Mr. Abercrombie and Mr. Louie holding the both of them accountable as commonly known leaders within the Hawaiian Islands for potentially unlawful acts committed by their predecessors until the matter of occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the U.S. is resolved. Who would allow potential criminals to remain in control having foreknowledge that the potential criminals has absolutely no defense?

        Mahalo to Dr. Keanu Sai for both this blog and HK website!

    • Exactly, Kekoa! If people seriously think the U.S. Government will protect Hawaii’s people, especially from the consequences of this occupation, they ARE fools! Well, actually we are brainwashed into believing that. That rhetoric that we all are taught that “America protects Hawaii” is not only rhetoric, but a fear tactic to keep the population in line. I don’t see the U.S. Government responding to the International Criminal Court Summon of State of Hawaii Judge Harry Freitas for War Crimes an act of “protection.” I don’t see the U.S. Government responding to Dr. Crabbe’s letter, for fear that he along with members of OHA might be committing War Crimes, an act of “protection”, and above all, I don’t see December 7th, 1941 an act of “protection” either where thousands of U.S. military soldiers including civilians got killed, which easily could not have happened if the U.S. Government honored those Executive Agreements.

      The U.S. Government does not give a damnation about the people of Hawaii even if we were all dead from foreign nuclear attack. The only thing they care about here is their own security and military purposes. If the United States did care about us, they would’ve settled this matter legally a long time ago. They had their chance in 2000 at the Permanente Court of Arbitration…….

  5. Aloha,

    Mr. Abercrombie may have already violated international law, but by
    obligating him under the same U.S. federal law that compelled
    Professor Chang to report to U.S. officials concerning the memo
    created for CEO Crabbe will also compel Mr. Abercrombie to do exactly
    what Professor Chang has done and if Mr. Abercrombie wanted to seek
    clarification from Attorney General Louie, Mr. Louie would have also
    been obligated under the same federal law. This would eliminate
    any possibility for Mr. Abercrombie to hide behind the coat-tails of the
    U.S. and he would now clearly stand accountable.

    I think that if indeed there is a “third party” currently looking into the U.S.
    occupation of the Hawaiian Islands it would show them that a written
    communication concerning that memo was served upon Abercrombie himself.
    If Mr. Abercrombie and Mr. Louie refuse to temporarily suspend
    their activities based upon information contained in the memo
    it would clearly show they are violating international law.

    If on the other hand Mr. Abercrombie actually suspended his
    authority, would in my thinking, prepare for the transfer of
    control. I’m not sure if my interpretation is consistent with
    Kanekeawe’s “mana’o”, but these are my thoughts on this
    matter for the sake of conversation here on this blog!

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