One thought on “ABC Radio Australia: Hawaiian TMT protestors get some official backing

  1. OHA unfortunately, is an agency of the US. It’s primary function is to serve and reinforce the interest of the United States and its illegal occupancy in the homeland of the native hawaiians. They serve as a bulkhead isolation mechanism to deny the Hawaiian Nation it’s sovereign status and in turn pillaging its just compensation of any and all entitlements extenuating from the existing Royal Lands of the ruling Chiefs, the Kamehameha’s and their heirs. Currently OHA’s main interest is to serve as a litmus test to measure the strength & resolve of these heirs to their Royal Legacy esp. Mauna a Wakea where their legends and dead lay buried. This rampant fraud perpetuated by this agency causes our people to plead to the World Community of Nations for help. A commission to investigate and return our country back to our people is imperative. The continued atrocities of general annihilation e.g. Monsanto manufactured poisons and Depleted Uranium must be brought before the International Community. We are being exterminated! The World must not ignore our plight nor condone this similar circumstance and outcome of Auschwitz.

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