1 thought on “A King’s Noble Vision: ‘Iolani Palace in an Age of Historical Recovery

  1. Most who are children of the “Land” Hawaii have no idea of why the Kingdom was set aside. And most Children of the “Land” have no idea of how to help the Great Creator return the Kingdom, which HE wants to do. I am 85 now and have lived on this same wonderful land for 46 years now. I was invited to come and share HIS Truth for HIS Freedom in 1969 by Hawaiians. But I do not want to try to help unless my help and aloha are wanted. I am white outside but have been grafted into the aloha of the land on the inside. This is my HOME. My only HOME. The Past Alii or Kings gave us a direction but we are missing it due to the petty ivory towers that many are trying to build. So if any are truly interested in pulling together to see the Kingdom restored let me know. “The LIFE of the LAND is Perpetuated in Righteousness.” Deeply consider and dissect the meaning here, it is the password from the past for us today. Also deeply consider and study the Great Seal of the Alii. Think outside the box, it is all there. Be Blessed in you Day. Aloha, Kahu Ken Smith< Kona

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